By Kelly Keene

It has become increasingly known that coffee is an essential part of a productive and successful business world. Whether that looks like having a cup of coffee in the break room or picking up your favorite from a coffee shop on your way to work. Nevertheless, it helps get your day started and keeps you fueled through the rest of day! Besides it tasting and smelling amazing, here are five reasons why coffee is beneficial to incorporate into your work life.

1. The obvious one: Caffeine!

   Coffee contains caffeine, which is a central nervous system stimulant known for its ability to fight fatigue and boost energy levels. It improves your mental function, assissting short-term memory and increasing reaction time. Who would not want to add that into their busy work day?

Latte with latte art.

2. It provides an opportunity to be social.

 Whether you’re swinging by a coffee shop or stopping by the break room, a window of opportunity is created for you to connect with other people. Making/drinking coffee establishes community as people discover the common pleasure and productivity they receive from the drink. It is a chance to network, develop ideas, and simply share a moment with someone you have been needing to catch up with. 

Two people meeting over coffee.

3. It allows you to take a second for yourself.

 Having your morning pick me up at your desk or on the way to your next meeting is a small decision that is geared towards your personal well-being. Each sip is a little moment of self care. It helps you recharge and tends to pick you up where your long afternoon or chaotic morning left you off. It helps get your creative thoughts flowing and motivates you to accomplish more throughout the day. This is a good way to treat yourself while working!

Business man drinking coffee.

4. Coffee can improve your mood.

Drinking coffee helps activate dopamine and serotonin, bettering your mood and making you happier. For many, it is viewed as a mini reward for the hard work being put in. The Harvard School of Public Health carried out a study that showed how hot beverage can help people become generally more positive in their lives. Researchers have even found a link between caffeine and mild antidepressants as they have shown to have similar effects. 

Pouring cups of coffee.

5. It boosts employee morale.

When you or your coworkers know you can have a cup of joe, it tends to increase your excitement to come to work. It causes you to want to work harder and produce better work, especially the coffee is provided by your employer. According to McKinsey & Company’s 2008 study, 61 % of employees feel their employer cares about their well-being if they provide hot beverages. 85% of employees feel that quality coffee Improves the overall morale and promotes productivity in the office. This helps decrease negativity within and around the workplace.