From your Monday morning meeting to the Friday night brewery, if you’re a sophisticated guy, these are 5 shoes you have to have in your wardrobe.

5 Shoes Every Sophisticated Guy Needs in His Wardrobe

Whether you’re getting ready for work or heading out for a night with the guys, you shouldn’t have to hesitate at the thought of what shoe to throw on. Or even, sit imagining all the shoes that should be waiting for you when you open your closet. We all too well know the feeling. So today, we’re throwing at you five shoes you, as a sophisticated man, have to have. No more contemplating what shoe should make the cut.

1. Classic Oxfords

Classic Oxfords - 5 Shoes Every Sophisticated Guy Needs in His Wardrobe

A classic pair of Oxfords to throw on with a suit or a nice pair of pants is a necessity. Here’s links to a couple we like:

2. Loafer

Mens loafers - a necessity to the sophisticated mans wardrobe.

A solid pair of loafers will keep you looking clean from your desk to the streets of downtown. From a penny loafer to your everyday driver, here’s some of our favorites:

3. Chelsea Boot

Chelsea Boots are apart of the 5 shoes every sophisticated man needs in his wardrobe.

Chelsea Boots are there to keep you looking sharp at lunch Saturday, brunch Sunday, and your date on Friday night. Every young professional needs some by their side. Although they can be a hefty investment, you should be able to find some that won’t break the bank. Check out these few brands:

4. Street Shoe

You’ve got to have your go-to’s for hitting the streets on the weekends or after work. From your classic Chuck Taylors to white hightop vans, here’s our list of your must have’s:

5. Sneaker

Adidas Nite Joggers Sneaker for the streets - 5 Shoes Every Sophisticated Guy Needs in His Wardrobe

Work isn’t your life, so your shoe game should reflect that. To impress your fellow sneaker heads, these are a few starting points:

No more wondering or hesitation. Win the day confident in your shoe wardrobe. You’ve got the top 5 shoes every sophisticated guy needs. Be the best dressed professional out there – see you next time.

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