sophisticated lifestyle

The sophisticated lifestyle is one filled with accomplishment, knowledge, and dignification. As you are starting to make a name for yourself in your career, here are 5 ways to become successful… the sophisticated way.

1. Realize Nothing can Stop You

Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Ford, Disney, and Martin Luther King, Jr. have all defied the odds transcending their industries, however neither of them were born into money. In fact Vanderbilt and Rockefeller were born into deep poverty. Yet one thing they had in common was their desire to succeed. Remember, it does not matter what you have at this moment, what matters is what you do with what you have. This is the concept of the mustard seed parable. The mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds to plant, yet out of that one seed a large, strong tree with great presence grows.

This holds true with you. You may not have much right now, but how can you grow what you do currently have? You have an unbreakable will to accomplish great things, and no one can stop you. The first step to living the Sophisticated life is recognizing this. Remember, “faith the size of a mustard seed can make mountains move,” understand that you were born to move mountains.

2. Make Every Day an Adventure

We live in an extraordinary world, we truly do. From tropical oceans to picturesque mountain views to diverse cultural landscapes throughout the regions. Our earth is full of places to explore. Every day you wake up, treat it as an adventure. Now you may not be sailing the islands of Fuji or climbing Mt. Everest, but there are multiple adventures we can explore in our everyday life that we often pass by.

What are some local adventures in your current area that you have never been to that you can take advantage of? What is a new project you can take on that will be an adventure in itself? How can you challenge yourself at work where you push yourself to the limits to accomplish what you never thought was possible? There are adventures all around us, we just need to seize the moment. And this is what the Sophisticated life is all about.

Oh, and yes you may not be going to Fuji everyday…..but you should still go! Don’t forget to treat yourself to an exotic vacation every once in a while to explore the wonders this great earth has to offer.

3. Never Stop Learning

A phrase I have always been found of is “find someone who has what you want, and then copy what they do.” If you want to be successful, then pay attention to what successful people are doing. Think of any successful person you admire, and chances are one of their strongest character traits is their thriving curiosity. Successful people are eager to learn, that is why all mansions have a library.

In your quest to become a Sophisticated Professional, never stop learning. Become an expert in your field of work. Always strive to learn the cutting trends in business. Study successful people and try to imitate their keys to success. Learn about new cultures around the world, and gain a deeper understanding of your faith. Learn from the good times in your life, and especially learn from the bad times. If you fail or fall down in life, get back up. But try to understand why you fell, so you can work on preventing it in the future. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, take advantage.

4. Bring Others Along the Ride

There are two parts to this. First, no one is an expert at everything. There are things you excel at, and there are things you simply have no business in doing. Part of the growth is understanding what we do well, as well as acknowledging what we are not good at.  The good news is there are ways to overcome this. What are some aspects in your business that you are simply not good at? Clearly identify what they are, then find someone who excels in this area and partner with them. Well, why would this person partner with me, you may be asking? Because just like you….there are things they are not good at. Find business partnerships in which all parties complement each bringing value to each other’s business.   Success is built on partnerships.

The other part is, well, success is simply boring alone. You work hard in life, make sure you take time to celebrate it with those around you. Life is a celebration for us to enjoy those God has put in our path. Go on that spontaneous weekend road trip with your friends, check out a new museum with your loved one, explore a new restaurant with your family. The Sophisticated Professional knows how to work hard and play hard, with those they care most about.

5. Pay It Forward

This is probably one of the most rewarding elements of the Sophisticated life. In your life, you will come across various mentors. These mentors will teach you about business, about overcoming adversity, and about life in general. If you don’t have a mentor – GET ONE! All you have to do is ask. Find someone you admire, and ask if you can take them out for coffee to learn about their success.

Though you will also seek wisdom and guidance from your elders, as you grow in your career you will see a drastic shift. Where you were once the mentored, you will then become the mentor. Embrace this role with great charity and responsibility. Remember those who helped guide your success, because this humble memory will keep you eager to help others grow their career.

As success grows upon, always remember the less fortunate. Give back to those in need, and do what you can to help others reach their goals. As you become successful, remember you have the ability to lift others out of poverty, and I am not just talking about financial poverty. Uplift those who are having a bad day, be an inspiration to those who are starting their career, spend time with those who are lonely, and yes donate to those when you can. When you do this you will quickly discover the charity of Sophisticated Professionals can be more impactful than the charity of government.

Stay Humble

Yes, I know we said 5 ways and I may appear to be adding a 6th. However humility is key to the Sophisticated life. We call it a humble confidence. We are confident in the ability God gave us and in our faith, yet we are humbled to acknowledge we are only one person in a world full of beautiful people. Stay humble to your values and your moral code of conduct, even in the greatest success. Because when you do, you have truly become a Sophisticated Professional.