There is always a silent question or debate amongst men about the perfect tie. When we put on a suit or any outfit that requires a tie, we want that tie that gives us power and confidence. Let’s not forget we like a little compliment about it here and there. I mean why not? We took the time and effort to find the right outfit to combine it with and every accent or accessory to go with it. So I guess we can’t just help but strive to have a little praise on our outfit. Here are 9 things that can help you identify the perfect tie for your perfect suit.

1. Skinny is the new Wide

Skinny ties are the new “fashion forward” trend that put an exclamation on the entirety of your suit. The best part about them is they can be used for just about any occasion: work, a friendly gathering, a night out, it doesn’t matter. A skinny tie will do the job right.

2. Stand out. Not Aside

Your tie is meant to complement your suit. It’s not supposed to be the center of attention. Although it is just about the first thing people see, it’s imperative that you find the right combination of tie and suit. Not only should they be complementary to each other, but also to the complexion of your natural body features.

3. Color is Important

Finding the right color tie is essentially the most difficult part of the process. Even the slightest shade off can shamble an entire outfit. In simplistic terms, a tie is an accent. As you already know not every color goes with every color, but more importantly, the color of your tie is not supposed to be the same color of your shirt or suit but a shade that combines with both. If the process just becomes too much of a hassle or time becomes a factor, a solid black tie would fit for any suit.

4. Understand that Length is equally Important

If it’s too high or too low it can easily disrupt the ease and grace of your attire. Your tie should be right at the belt line. Period.

5. Solid or Pattern?

I’ve seen many guys, including myself, fall victim to the misunderstanding of pattern ties. Making it simple, pattern doesn’t go with pattern. An exception to that rule is if you have a subtly or calm patterned shirt, you can throw on a patterned tie, but if not, stick with a solid color. A solid colored shirt can go with either a patterned or solid tie. At that point it’s really just your preference.

6. Fit the season if you can

Every tie has its own season and color to match it. Of course, this is also dependent upon your style. Different material is meant for different types of seasons. For example, if it’s cold out, you would obviously wear some type of material that is made of wool. If you have a suit that is made for colder weather, match the material of your tie to that suit, and of course, don’t forget to combine and be stylish.

7. The Knot

Sorry guys, size matters – but not the way you’re thinking. There are obviously tons of knots out there. I can’t tell you what knot you should have, because every guy has their preference and well to each his own. But what I will tell you is to keep whatever knot you have in a common median size. You don’t want one that is too big or too small for reasons such as over or understating your outfit. Plus, you don’t want to divert everyone’s attention to your knot. It’s about the whole outfit, not the knot.

8. Rock a Tie Bar

If you can, rock a tie bar. If you can’t, start rocking a tie bar. It’s incredible how men fail to have any idea about the use of a tie bar. It’s a small yet elegant accent to your tie. Find one and, like I said, rock it. Also, be sure to place it right. It should be placed anywhere between the third and fourth button, clamped down with your shirt. And if you want to be safe keep it a little closer to your third button. Be wary of the size as well. Too small is passable, but if it’s larger than your tie…No! Just no!

9. The Tie Dimple/Cleavage is not Mandatory but should be used

A tie dimple or cleavage isn’t mandatory. This is a topic that is more “if you like it, do it. If you don’t, well, don’t.” In terms of fashion, they should be used because they add definition and shape to the tie. It pops the tie colors’ lights and shadows within and around the tie, giving it more contour and a prestigious presentation.

I hope you found this quite helpful in your quest to have the perfect look for your time out. We all want to have confidence or feel inspired to have it. So why not dress the way that makes you feel confident and inspires you to do more?