Over the last year, small businesses across the country have experienced detrimental impacts due to the coronavirus. Many have struggled to stay afloat and even more have been forced to close their beloved businesses. People across the nation have stepped up and made it a priority to support local small business and do their part to prevent further damage. Although there are many others, here are three local, small businesses in the heart of Anderson, South Carolina that you can support:

1. City Seed at the Station

Calling all plant-lovers! Known to most as “City Seed,” this small business wants to help you find that perfect new plant for your home. Whether you’re looking for a new house plant or looking for a perfect gift, City Seed is there to aid in your search! You can find them at 520 N Murray Ave, Anderson, SC 29625.


2. CocoBon Chocolatier

Need a sweet treat or a pick-me-up? CocoBon has you covered! The Chicago based business offers a variety and assortment of chocolates, treats, and snacks. CocoBon continuously refines their chocolate-making process and strives to create new and exciting combinations and flavors to offer the community.

3. Figs Café and Farmacy

Figs is a local hit that truly has it all! This family-owned small business serves food, coffee, and ice cream and also has a small market with other items to choose from. The location of Figs dates back to the 1930’s, but has been expanded to accommodate more guests. With that being said, there are antiques throughout the store and café that honor its history.