I do not know about you, but it can be hard to be present online! As professionals we need to be on our A game all the time! From remote work, to masking up, to zoom call after zoom call, it can be hard to give our all to being present online. So, we from Sophisticated Professional have some tips for you to stay present for your success!

1. Designate Certain Times to Work

Having the freedom to work from home is wonderful, yet as professionals, we must have self-discipline even in our own backyard.  We recommend cutting out time every day to sit down and focus on all you can accomplish.

2. Put away other Devices

We can all agree that our phones and devices can be distracting, so why not put away the phones until your designated workday is over? Scrolling can wait but becoming a better businessman/businesswoman cannot!

3. Get dressed for Work 

Wearing pajamas everyday was a dream, however dressing up for the occasion can put a pep in your step. If you are going to work professionally, we recommend that you dress professional- well at least business casual.

4. Create a Focused Environment 

Productivity can only be increased with a focused space. While you work online keep a clean desk where you can access everything you need, from your computer, charger, agenda, glass of water, etc. Professional settings create a professional mindset, and that is just what you need when working online!

Whether it be from your home office, back porch, or right in your own office, staying present in the now can only improve your tomorrow!