Dealing with emotions at work can be a difficult process, you don’t want people seeing you stressed, sad, or mad about a situation. There are a lot of ways on how to cope with your emotions at work. How do you deal with your emotions at work? Do you let them keep affecting you throughout the day or do you try to change it? There are multiple strategies to this and I will pick the top five that are best suiting for most people. Dealing with emotions at work is such an important situation for us all.

Employee is angry at work
Employee expressing anger at work

Deep Breathing and Relaxing

This is a very important one, most of us just lash out and regret the decisions we make later on. Taking deep breaths and focusing on your breathing will help you calm down and be more relaxed. This mainly focuses on your anxiety and anger. There are so many different things you can do in this, even taking a walk and listening to music you know that can relax you.

The 10-second Rule

This one is mainly for anger or being irritated. If you know you are about to get mad or extremely irritated take 10 seconds to calm yourself, count to 10 in your head. If there is a possibility you can excuse yourself from the situation, do so. Staying in the same situation where your temper rises isn’t good and can lead to things you may regret.

Getting your anger out by exercising

This one is such an important one, getting all your anger out during a workout is the best thing you can do. You won’t believe how hard you can push yourself when you are angry about something, it ends up being some of the greatest workouts for yourself. Exercise helps release that anger and stress you are dealing with and will help you feel better after the workout.

Woman is exercising to get rid of her stress and anger.
Woman exercising to get rid her stress and anger

Knowing your triggers

How to deal with your emotions in the workplace. Knowing what makes you mad is so big for yourself. This will help you prepare yourself and can help you plan your reactions about the situation. If you know what sets you off you can calm yourself down before it gets worse for you.

Never make a decision when angry

What will you gain from making a decision when you are angry? Maybe some satisfaction in that moment, but later on you will regret your decision. Hold off for a little before you make a decision while angry, calming yourself down and then making the decision will go a long way for you. Sending that email or text that will make you feel good in that moment and let you blow off steam might give you that satisfaction in that moment, but after a little you will regret it.

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By Beau Henson