Best Budget Duck Hunting Brands

Written by Tristan Kai Blanton 2/17/23

Duck and Waterfowl hunting is one of the most fun activities that God’s creation has to offer. Sadly, the price of getting started scares most people away every season. We are committed to finding the best budget hunting brands for you so you can focus on what matters, hunting with those you love!

  1. Higdon Outdoors

Founded in 1909 by Ira Higdon, a traveling salesman for a grocery company who decided to go into business for himself, Higdon Outdoors is now a staple in the duck hunting community. They offer affordable quality decoys and accessories for any kind of waterfowl hunting. Higdon decoys are sure to work as hard as you do and last as long as you’re willing to take care of them. Higdon decoys are a go-to for us and we hope they will be for you too!

  1. Drake Waterfowl Systems

Founded in 2002 by real life waterfowl hunters, Drake Waterfowl Systems is a highly known, trusted, and used brand. Now expanded to deer, turkey, big game and other types of hunting, Drake’s goal is to create affordable, functional, and comfortable clothing that hunters can be proud to wear. Drake is commonly used by our circle and we highly recommend their clothing lines to you.


Founded in 1961 by Dick Cabela, Cabela’s is arguably the king of outdoor stores. Originally a small fly fishing product mail service, Cabela’s is now the leader in the widest array of outdoor products in a single place. Cabela’s has affordable products with high functionality and immaculate customer service. When it comes to waterfowl and duck hunting, Cabela’s makes the most affordable waders on the market. I know this first hand and have been using the same pair since 2019. A long quality life is the most important question to consider when purchasing waders for the first time. These waders are not only long lasting, but great fitting and very affordable, especially if bought during sales. (Black Friday or Cyber Monday) These waders will work for you and give you great results!

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