Five Ways to Distinguish Yourself As a Professional

By: Coulter Maginnis

Distinguishing yourself may seem like a daunting task. How do I set myself apart so that I am high on the list for the next promotion? Out of everyone else why would they choose me? These are questions we all think about, because we all want to move up in our companies.

This blog tackles this issue by giving five ways to help you distinguish yourself.

Speak Up and Ask Questions

First, speak up. Speaking up on the job may be hard, especially if you are new or an introvert but it is also critical. It can be the best way for your superiors to gauge where you are at. If you have the job, you are qualified for it. You will not be given something you cannot do. Having a belief in your knowledge and ideas can eventually land you the promotion you desperately want. Your ideas can not only help the company, but it also can shape the path of your career. Believe in yourself and impress your boss.

Another important aspect of speaking up is asking questions. Your superiors would be more impressed with you asking questions, than if you just tried to figure it out on your own. Asking questions can also give you clarity on an aspect of your job you may not fully understand. Asking questions will show that your are willing and desiring to learn and grow as a professional.

Work Late

Another way to distinguish yourself as a professional is working late to get your work done. This may not be necessary but is something that you can do.Waiting for the clock to run out and leaving as soon as possible makes it look like you are just there to be collect your check and nothing more. If you work late, finish your work and help others it shows that you care about the work that you are doing and that you truly want the company to succeed.

Dress the Part

You would be surprised with how little some people care about how they look on the job. Wrinkled shirts, stains, and disheveled hair are things you will see sometimes in the workplace. Make sure you dress professionally and are well kept. The way your hair and facial hair look, along with your clothing, show how motivated you are. Someone who doesn’t care how they look are more likely to care less about the job that they are doing. Being well kept and well dressed will go a long way to moving up the ladder in a company.

Make Connections

The fourth way to distinguish yourself as a professional is to make connections. Your connections can take you higher than anything else. You never know what offers may arise from a simple conversation you have with another professional. Also, make connections in your company. Talk to people within your department and outside of it. The impressions you leave on people in your company are vital to your rise within it.

Learn Outside of Your Specified Area

The final thing you can do to distinguish yourself as a professional in this list is to learn outside of job. Use connections in other departments to gain more knowledge about the industry. Not only will this help you know what other people do and gain knowledge, but it may also allow you to do your own job better.

There are obviously more ways to set yourself apart in your company, but these five will be a good basis to help you. Speaking up and asking questions allow you to show off what you know and gain more knowledge. Working late can show how much you care about the work that you do and how much you care for your company. Dressing well will also show how motivated you are. Making connections allows you to make impressions and meet new people in your industry. Finally, learning outside of your specific job allows you to gain more industry knowledge and potentially do your own job better. Each of these ways should help you if you keep them top of mind each day and put effort into doing them.