Author: Jenna Long

With Spring Break approaching in just a few short weeks, deciding which beach to vacation to is essential! America has a wide range of states that offer incredible beaches, but Florida outweighs them all! Florida is known for its beautiful, outstanding, white sand beaches and crystal clear water. This makes Florida a perfect spot to vacation in. With almost 2000km of coastline, the options are endless when it comes to deciding which beach to travel to. So, how can you decide?

The top 5 best ranked beaches in Florida are currently Destin, Clearwater Beach, Siesta Key, West Palm Beach, and Marco Island. These beaches all have something unique to offer and you cannot go wrong in traveling to any one of these locations.


Destin is on the panhandle of Florida, in the Northwest. It is East of Pensacola and West of Panama City. Destin is known for its Gulf of Mexico beaches and great golf courses. People travel from all over the country to experience Destin’s gold courses. Destin also offers great nature trails, and areas outside of the beaches to walk and exercise, specifically through the dunes of Henderson State Park in Destin. Moreover, if you love the beach and golf, Destin makes the perfect spot to travel to!

Clearwater Beach:

Clearwater beach is located on the West Coast of Florida. It is just West of the Intercoastal Waterway, in the city of Clearwater. Additionally, Clearwater is known for its white sand beaches and great tourist attractions. In Clearwater, you should think about renting jet skis, parasailing, going on a dolphin tour, and more, touristy things Clearwater Beaches offers. Finally, Clearwater offers great restaurant and bar options for all ages!
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Siesta Key:

Siesta Key is one of the highest ranked beaches because of its beauty and variety of activities for vacationers. It is characterized by its powdery sand and clear water. Next, it is a relaxing location to spend Spring Break because of the long shoreline and space offered. Lastly, Siesta beaches offer a variety of luxurious resorts to enjoy when you are not at the beach!

Marco Island:

Marco Island is a luxurious place to spend vacation. It is a small barrier island just South of Naples Florida. Furthermore, it is home to an affluent beach community with many locals, and various resort options and amenities. Additionally, Marco Island is known for its shopping options, and paddle boarding that is offered. Marco Island would be a fantastic place to spend your Spring Break!

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is a very popular place to vacation to, and rightfully so! It is located along Florida’s Atlantic Ocean coast and is known for its appealing waterways. Also, the waves at West Palm Beach are big, and very thrilling to swim in! West Palm is a higher end area, therefore offers delicious restaurant options and higher end shopping. Finally, West Palm is known for its exciting events it has almost weekly! This makes it a great place for families to travel to.