Are you looking for a customer-oriented store for all your outdoor needs? Grady’s Great Outdoors offers a premium experience for everything hunting, fishing, or outdoor apparel. Grady’s beats its big corporation competitors because it offers help from a knowledgeable staff that gets you exactly what you need. From firearms to kayaks, Grady’s has it all!


Grady’s was founded in 1961 by Henry Grady Phillips. Grady’s was originally named ‘The Sport and Hobby Shop’ and resided in the Pruitt shopping center in Anderson, SC. The store changed names and locations a few more times before landing at its current site on Clemson Boulevard. Phillips later passed the business on to his son John, but remained very involved in his store’s community. Phillips was known to be very dedicated to his work and in Anderson County. Hence, he was part of an Anderson 4th of July promotion called the Big Belvedere Ping-Pong Drop from 1972-1974. He sat in the passenger’s seat of a helicopter that dropped about 200 ping pong balls onto a crowd of people eager to catch them. Furthermore, after his death in 2019, Phillip’s legacy is carried on by his son, who runs the store with the same dedication.


Despite having amazing customer service, Grady’s offers deals and selections like no other. They have over 100,000 firearms and similar items, which you can order online and conveniently pick up from the store. They also offer ammo, optics, and other gear such as reloading equipment and gun cases. Apart from firearms, Grady’s has a large selection of knives, both pocket and fixed-blade.

Are you looking to sell or trade your unused or unwanted gear? Don’t worry, Grady’s offers that option as well! Grady’s Trading Post turns your gently used guns, safes, kayaks, etc. into cash! Moreover, customers can trade any item for in-store credit toward any new or pre-owned item. Employees will pay the highest prices, respect your privacy, and treat you fairly throughout the entire process.


Because Grady’s Great Outdoors was passed down between a father and son, the store greatly values family. Its mission is to incorporate both the employees and the customers into the Phillips family. The employees are trained with outstanding knowledge and are there to help you with all your needs.

Grady’s does not only supply to those interested in hunting and fishing, but they also have a wide range of gear for women and children, including stylish and name-brand clothing. For example, Grady’s carries Patagonia, Simply Southern, North Face, Carhartt, Southern Fried Cotton, and many more! They also have footwear, sunglasses, and water bottles. The small business has something for the whole family!

Grady’s strives to give their customers an experience like no other, one that isn’t found in similar chain stores. Their customer service and selection of products are unmatched. They value and respect their local community, which they have been serving for over 60 years. When choosing a place to shop for anything outdoors, Grady’s is the only right answer!