how to create a streetwear brand?

how to create a streetwear clothing brand?To discover how to create an urban/streetwear clothing brand we have talked with the Spanish creator of Malade Nation (MLDNTN) Manuel Moreno.

Keep reading to discover his experience

how to create a streetwear brand?


How did the project start?

Manuel tells us that he has been passionate about drawing and designing since he was a little kid. In fact, he used to go to stores where you can design your own t-shirts, to ask for T-shirts with his drawings.

As soon as the designer had enough resources to create his own clothing brand, he started the project. This happened in November of 2016, which means that MLDNTN is turning 2 years this month!!

First steps

“First of all, I had to think about what I wanted to do. I was aware that you can’t reach everybody, that is why it was important for me to define who was going to be my target audience” points out the designer.

To define the target audience of your product or service is vital.

how to create a streetwear clothing brand?By the time you select your audience you have to define as well what your brand is going to tell your audience, what image will your brand express?

The image is important because it refers to how your public is going to perceive your brand, like a symbol of self-expression, part of the group of your brand…

The designer points out that his brand is a streetwear brand which targets the young population and especially the skaters, rockers and hip-hop culture segments, under the slogan of “karma plays dirty”

What is next?

After your brand image and target audience, it is time to think about how to distribute and create your product.

“I had different alternatives and tried different options before reaching some success. For the distribution I tried different stores, web pages, events…” says Manuel.

In terms of production, the designer was seeking for the way to create his product with the lowest cost possible but maintaining certain quality standards.

During this process is important to be aware of what is your budget and adjust your alternatives that best fit within quality and costs with the amount of money you have available.

Problems during the process

The designer shares with us his many troubles during this process, “it wasn’t easy to find good points of sale, neither to find trustworthy producers, however with work, patience and effort, I had the good luck of overcoming these problems and find the resources I needed”

It is important to have in mind that it won’t be an easy process and that many problems will arise from it. You may have different objectives or goals than your producers; you may not be able to distribute the way you want, or you may be stuck in the creation of new ideas.

But remember is a natural part of the process, keep working, hard work pays off. You can always take a break of the ideation process, do something else it will help your brain to process unconsciously the several ideas you have been thinking on.



The brand’s promotion was mainly based on social media. The Spanish designer tried to provide creative content with quality pictures with an unusual aesthetic. Instead of following practices that use influencers as a way of promotion, trying to generate a real identification with their potential customers.

This is actually a really good strategy, you can create really good social media campaigns with little or no money.

When we ask the designer about SEO and SEM strategies, Manuel told us that he didn’t give much effort and interest to those techniques, he is not interested in ranking on the top of google searches.

Instead, he used other strategies:

The brand worked with influential stores which helped to promote its brand

Clothing events, on which the brand had a presence, this gave a big push to the brand in connecting with potential customers. MLDNTN has been present in the last Dashape events, which is an equivalent to the American Sneaker con, which as the author claims has been really helpful for the brand

The Spanish brand does not have its own point of sale, the brand is spread through different stores. However, as Manuel said, they rather don’t have a point of sale if it doesn’t fit with the image of the brand.

Como crear una marca de ropa urbana? Como crear una marca de ropa urbana? how to create a streetwear clothing brand?

Current brand situation

This last year has been especially good for the brand. MLDNTN signed after with ASOS, an international marketplace that has impulsed the international reaching of the brand to levels unimaginative beforehand.

“Before ASOS, the international sales were about 3% of the total. However, now international sales are about 30% each month” affirms the designer.

These are some of the new products which came up last October:

how to create a streetwear clothing brand?how to create a streetwear clothing brand? how to create a streetwear clothing brand?

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Future plans

MLDNTN stills working with stores in Madrid such as Amen, and through its web page Where you can find its catalog.

However, the big goal for this coming 2019, is to start being part of stores in the main European capitals. As well as to sign with an international distributor.