Working remotely

Since the beginning of 2020, working remotely has become a regularity for young professionals and their jobs. Working from home definitely has its pros and cons. Adjusting to this new way of carrying out tasks for companies can pose its various challenges. Are you going to be more distracted? How should you be prepared to take on the work day from home? How do you deal with social anxiety in this setting? I will be answering all of these questions along with multiple strategies and more to easy into what might be the “new normal”.



When dealing with distractions, it is best for you to assess where your distractions are coming from. Remember, all distractions are up to us to stop so we can be as productive as possible. Here are some tips on limiting distractions:

Put your phone away or on Do Not Disturb

A simple solution if it is hard for you to avoid social media, games, or texting your friends is to put the phone in a location that requires you to get up and retrieve it. Out of sight, out of mind. Another option is to put your phone on Do Not Disturb. For a guide on how to do so for iPhone users click here or for Android users click here.

Take short breaks

Taking short breaks to let out any potential distraction is healthy. Do not be afraid to take 5 to 10 minute breaks to check your phone or whatever you need to do to continue your work. For intervals of this, it is up to you. Set up 30 minute intervals of working and 5 minute breaks or 1 hour of work and 10 minutes of break time. Regardless, it comes down to how you want to pace yourself.

Play background music

Lastly, playing music in your headphones may help solve your distraction problems when working from home. Anything from earbuds to noise canceling studio headphones work just fine. Music without words tend to be less distracting for people as well.


Full attire for online meeting

When it comes to what to wear for meeting from the comfort of your home, it is easy to put on a professional top and maybe wear gym shorts. Who is going to see below your desk right? Well, here is the reason why that may not be the case. I know it is easier for you to put on the clothes that are necessary, but here is a question for you. Don’t you feel more put together when you dress from head-to-toe? Regardless of your answer, you should give it a try!


Isolation from working remotely

One of the potential dilemmas of working remotely is the feeling of isolation. The hustle and bustle of the workplace is something that many of us may not consider until we are removed from that environment. Consequently, this can lead to various forms of social anxiety. To alleviate this as much as possible, here are a couple tips on how to cope with this issue:

Work outside of the house

Does your current home not feel right as a workspace? Try to find a good location such as your local coffee shop or library to accomplish your work. I recommend doing this at least one of your work days per week to create a healthy balance to prevent your home workspace from becoming unbearable.

Set up online meetings with coworkers

Do you miss your coworkers and those small talk conversations? Set up a Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting with them when working remotely to try to have some form of contact. I think this is good because you can mute yourself and minimize displays to limit the distraction factor. Conversely, your coworkers could be struggling with isolation and may be in the same position as you, so try to include everyone you work with.


Do you feel like you need some upgrades to your home workspace? Here are some items to help compliment your workspace:

Standing desk

Standing desk

The standing desk is great for you if you are sitting down and having to stand up and stretch or move around often. These are completely adjustable to your height and grant you the freedom of being able to move around as you please. To find a standing desk for yourself, click here.

Monitor stand organizer

Standing desk organizer

The monitor stand organizer is a great piece for you if you find yourself with lots of papers on your desk. It comes with multiples drawers or spaces to place papers and other equipment for you. To browse for stands or organizers, click here.

Blue light glasses

Blue light glasses

If you get headaches or eye strain from looking at the computer screen for too long, this might be the product for you. Blue light glasses work by filtering out blue light from devices such as your phone or computer. The wavelengths from this blue light is what causes dry eyes and strain which can lead to headaches. Another potential effect is strain from blue light can affect your sleep schedule. To understand more about blue light glasses along with accredited sources, click here.

Now that you have some tips and choices to improve working remotely, I hope some of these resonated and will make working from home more enjoyable.

Gavin Madison