Why Self Care?

We live in a world where a professional business executive will work an average of 62 hours a week in America. Many young professionals strive to be an executive of a company one day. Chasing your career is a noble thing. But, should we chase our careers at the expense of our own self happiness and self improvement? When self care is a top priority in a young professionals life the self improvement of that individual will increase. For those who saw our post this past Sunday morning on Instagram, you may remember that we touched on self care briefly in the post. In today’s article of the Sophisticated Professional we are going to take a deeper look at this topic. We will do this by looking at 3 important reasons as to why self care is so important and also how to apply it.

#1 Increases Overall Happiness.

Let’s say you’ve had a really tough week at work. Your boss comes to you on a Friday afternoon at 9:30 AM and says, “hey, you’ve worked really hard this week, why not take the afternoon off?”. You can either take the afternoon off, or stay and continue working. Here’s the catch, you know that if you leave the office early and enjoy your often it’s less likely you will get the promotion you have been wanting. Sure, a promotion would be great, more money would be even better, but not at the expense of one’s happiness.

That’s where importance #1 for self care comes in to play. Let’s say you decided to take the afternoon off, rest, go play golf, go get your nails done or do something you want to do. You’ll be much more happier and overall more pleasant to be around! No one wants to constantly be around someone who is cranky and not in a good mood. You owe it to yourself and others around you to be as happy as possible. This starts with self care and taking care of you!

The 1st step in making self care a priority is realizing it’s importance to your overall happiness. You only regret the memories that you didn’t get a chance to make! Make them today. Enjoy some ‘you time’ with self care.

#2 More Time With Those Who Matter, Your Family.

Family is a gift from God. Whether you are married and it’s just you and your spouse or you already have kids, family is everything. Even a close sibling, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or cousin can be considered as a really close member of your family. If we as young professionals get so lost in our careers that we neglect self care to the point that our family gets neglected we have truly failed. No amount of money can replace the gift of family and those who matter most to us.

By making a more conscious decision to practice self care and make it a priority that becomes a habit your family will great benefit. As I mentioned earlier, no one likes to be around someone who is always cranky and seldom happy. How can you take care of your family if you first aren’t taking care of yourself? You have to take care of yourself in order to be the true family person that you need to be. That’s why this is an important part of self care. It also helps put us all in check to realize what really needs to change in our lives in order to be the best we can be. Take care of ourselves, and our families. Money is great, but why build up money from working all the time to come home and realize your kids grew up without you around.

So, if you don’t see the importance of self care for yourself, apply self care to your life for your family or future family. Why do I say future family? Because the habits that we make today will follow us once we have a family on our own. Start applying this important principle of self care tonight by spending extra time with your family! Leave the office early, don’t go in the home office and just talk to your kids. Eat dinner, play a game, just spend time with one another. Family matters to self care.

#3 Better Personal Productivity.

After a full week of practice usually football coaches will give their teams the day(s) off before a game. Usually, if an NFL player has Friday and Saturday off of practice he will play better come Sunday. When we take care of ourselves, we will be better suited for the challenges that will come our way. When we are better prepared for inevitable challenges we will be more productive. I know this to personally be true in my own life. When I get a good nights rest and leave work at work, I’m more prepared for what may come my way.

Personal productivity is something that I personally strive for on a daily basis, and I believe that many of us do. Just because the hours of the work day are longer doesn’t necessarily mean that productivity will be. We’ve got to realize that personal productivity is a result of healthy work hours. Not stressed out employees who just need a break. Self care is an idea and practice that more and more companies will be adopting. Why? So that productivity increases but not at the loss of the quality of live of the workforce.

Self Care

It is our hope that you can apply these important principles of self care to your daily life! Remember that self care increases happiness, focuses on the family, and allows for more productivity. For more content, follow us on instagram and like us on facebook to keep up with all things Sophisticated Professional.

Brady Henderson