Top 10 Work Wardrobe Essentials

Dress for the Season

In the spirit of October, FALL in love with your work wardrobe with these 10 simple fall essentials. Whether back in the office or in the comfort of your home, looking your best helps you tackle your day confidently. The best thing about focusing on the wardrobe essentials is being able to wear the items in the workplace as well as on the weekend. Today, we will look at 10 fall wardrobe must-haves for women in the workplace.

1. Blazer

We are starting out strong with the number one essential for the workplace- a blazer! A blazer instantly adds a professional touch to any look and can double as an extra layer of warmth. For your first blazer, it is good to invest in a solid-color like black, khaki, or navy blue. For the next one you buy, go ahead and get that fun bright color or pattern that expresses your true style!

2. Trench Coat

As well as the blazer, a trench coat is another chic and professional staple to any wardrobe. During the colder months, a nice coat can add a layer of warmth but is also the first item people will notice about your outfit. A trench coat will work wonders for the office and is also a great street-style item, and who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? Like the blazer, invest in a neutral color that will be easy to pair with most anything.

3. White Button Down

Personally, a white button down is my number one choice when it comes to dressing professionally. Some days, it is just too hot for any layers and a top like this is cool and classy. It is easy to pair with any dress pant and is especially fun with patterned or colorful pants on more casual days. No one ever said you had to limit yourself to white, experiment with different colors and patterned button downs!

4. Neutral Sweater

Who doesn’t love sweater weather? I know I do! When it comes to knitwear, you get what you pay for. If you want a piece to last a long time it is good to invest in a wool or cashmere sweater, it will serve you well! The best thing about sweaters is the comfort they bring both physically and emotionally. Anther thing, they can be paired with dress pants, jeans, skirts, and even shorts- such a versatile piece!

5. Turtle Neck

I can remember despising when my mom would make me wear turtlenecks to school when I was young. Now, they are one of my favorite cold weather essentials! They are classic pieces that will never go out of style and look great with dress pants or jeans. Nothing gives a warm hug like a soft turtleneck when you are cold in the office!

6. Striped Tee

A striped tee is another staple to not only your regular wardrobe, but your work wardrobe as well. This item is one of the easiest to dress up or down as well as layer under blazers, sweaters, or coats. Nothing says classic like a simple black and white or navy and white tee. Take off the blazer and dress pants and throw on some jeans and a baseball hat and you are ready for some after work activities!

7. Tailored Dress Pants

When it comes to dress pants, the most important thing is to find the right fit. Nothing shows off your professional dress like a well- tailored pair of trousers. Unlike your work coats and tops, you don’t have to focus on neutrals for this item. As long as you are wearing a neutral top, you can fully express yourself with the colors and pattern of your dress pants. Just remember to focus on how they fit!

8. Pencil Skirt

If you want to make a statement, go with the pencil skirt, especially for bigger days at work. A pencil skirt paired with the right blouse will make you feel unstoppable and ready to crush that meeting or presentation. It is classy and timeless and a good piece for when you have dinner plans after work but still want to feel like your most beautiful self. Go get you a pencil skirt and feel its power!

9. Quality Boots

One of the best things about fall is getting all of your boots out of storage! For the workplace, I recommend a comfortable boot with a little bit of a heel to elevate your look. Ankle boots look best when paired with dress pants whereas taller boots pair better with dresses and skirts. When it comes to fall weather and rain, you’ll be happy to choose boots over heels!

10. Loafers

Last but certainly not least, loafers! If you are like me, you will do anything not to wear heels and that is where the loafer comes in. They can make an outfit look just as professional as heels can while also bringing you comfort. What’s worse than being distracted by foot pain all day? Nothing! A neutral pair of loafers are a great staple shoe for the workplace.

Today, we have touched on the top 10 work wardrobe essentials for women in the workplace. It is okay to not have all of these items on hand, it will not affect your ability to be successful. However, these essentials will last you a lifetime and are easy to style into new looks. Creating a capsule wardrobe like this can save you time and money! It is great to have pieces that will also carry into your weekend style like these essentials will. I hope these wardrobe tips will be beneficial to you and if so, let your friends in on the secret!

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Author: Sarah Mobley