map and glasses
Mapping out your vacation plans.

Want a new place to catch up on some Z’s on a budget? You’ve come to the right place!

It can be hard to fit a vacation into your busy schedule. I get it. People always harp on that hard to achieve work-life balance, but it truly is an important aspect to both mental and physical health. It can help with stress management and make you more productive at your job (remember to tell your boss this when you ask for time off ?). According to new research, Americans who achieve a work-life balance are 21% less stressed, sleep better, and feel more energized to start their workday.

Taking time away from work and relaxing is essential. So why not go visit a new place you’ve never heard of! Here’s the top 5 unique vacation ideas for young professionals to try out in the U.S. and get your ultimate relaxation vacation.

1. A Bed and Breakfast Inn

Bed and Breakfast joints are a great way to get away from it all, but still have some level of connectedness. Most B&Bs have Wi-Fi, so you can still check in with coworkers or answer a few emails, but the beauty of B&Bs is the tranquility of it all. Lay in bed all day, maybe catch up on your favorite television series or eat every snack ever. Talk about stress relief. And, if you decide to be brave and venture out of bed, there is always a cute town to explore with local shops and restaurants that are sure to thrill you.

You can find the perfect B&B in just about any state, but here are a few options that stand out among the rest for a young professional like yourself.

  • Belmont Blvd Bed & Breakfast: Nashville, Tennessee
  • Anchorage 1770: Beaufort, South Carolina
  • The Queen Victoria: Cape May, New Jersey
Breakfast in bed
Cozy little Bed & Breakfast.

2. Washington

Any Twilight fans out there? The state of Washington is breathtakingly beautiful. The nature that engulfs the entire state is something that is so unique to the Northwest. Take a walk through the redwood forest, hike in the mountains, visit the Cullen house! There are an array of options that would surprise and delight any nature (or vampire) lover.

Redwood forest
Redwood forest, Olympia, Washington

3. Austin, Texas

This bustling city in Texas offers everything from the hill country, to arts, to entertainment you just can’t get enough of. Austin is becoming a city for young artists and hippies alike. There’s so much to do there that you would need to vacation for a month! The hill country displays the old Texas: rolling hills, waterfalls, blue bonnet fields. The arts districts holds the most amazing sculptures and art galleries. Plus, there’s a Museum of Ice Cream (need I say more!). Entertainment is not hard to search out. Turn down just about any street corner and you’ll find karaoke, bars, and fun restaurants to fill your time.

Austin, Texas
“Greetings from Austin” graffiti in Austin, Texas.

4. Bar Harbor, Maine

Looking for small town Northeast living? Look no further than Bar Harbor. It’s the perfect coastal town! This vacation spot is popular among tourists for its casual display of expensive yachts, whale watching boat tours, and amazing seafood. Want to do some yoga? Or perhaps a massage? There are plenty of health and wellness retreat options at an affordable cost. There’s even a national park there if hiking or camping is your cup of tea!

Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine
Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine

5. Cotswolds, England

Now I know I said this list would stay in America, but I just had to include one vacation spot over the pond, and the Cotswolds are a perfect location to round out our vacation list. Cozy villages, cold weather, coffee shop on every corner, what more could you want? The Cotswolds sit nestled in the south of England, and they’ll take you right back to the 1800s. Go to visit local shops, farmers markets, and restaurants, but stay because of the charm of it all.

            P.S. If you go when its snowing, you’ll feel like you’re the main character in a Hallmark movie. Bonus points if you meet a small town baker and fall madly in love with him as he makes you realize that the writer’s block is all in your head and big city living just isn’t for you.

Cotswolds, England
Cotwolds, England, United Kingdom

So there you have it! The 5 best vacation spots for young professionals. Say so long to boring beach trips and hello to a unique experience, all while taking a step back from your work and soaking in some TLC. Bon voyage!

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