What to wear and do on a first date:

Over the years, I’ve come across many questions when it comes to fashion and dating. Today I’ve decided to give out the answer to just one of these questions. What do I do and wear on the first date? Pretty straight-forward, right? I wish I could tell you that the answer is incredibly simple, but unfortunately it’s not. You can’t just say, “Okay, we are going out, I’m going to wear a t-shirt and jeans”. No way! That just shows her that you are extremely lazy and not really worth her time. You have to dress for the occasion. Put some thought into what your appearance is going to look like. It doesn’t have to take an hour, but a good 10 minutes to make sure you have the right attire. Fellas, a little hint: women appreciate a man who dedicates some time to prepare himself for the night. The amount of work you take to prepare your appearance for the date, in her eyes initially, reflects the amount of work you are willing to put in for her. Always remember, she chose to give you her number and she chose to say yes. That means that there something about you that really piqued her interest. Now it is on you, not to mess that up.

Now we, as men, have a lot to consider when it comes to the right outfit for the evening. The two most crucial things that you need to know are the type of woman you will be taking out and the location you feel is appropriate to take her. Your feel of what she is like will dictate where you go, and where you go will determine what you will wear. Once again, dress for the occasion. Take account of the weather, because that could limit the amount of things you could do. Whatever you choose to do, remember to be simple. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but try to be creative and fun, and don’t be afraid to be gentlemanly. Being chivalrous increases your appeal dramatically. There is not a woman out there that doesn’t value a man who can treat her with respect. Show her that you appreciate her taking some time out of her life, out of her busy schedule, to spend it with you. Open the car door for her; if you’re going out to eat, pull her chair out for her to sit simple little things that matter. They are out because they’re looking to enjoy the time with you and get away from what’s happening in their life. So provide it for them and of course get to know each other and find your sense of comfort.

When it comes to the actual attire for the night, I can’t tell you what to put on exactly. Every guy has their own taste. I can only tell you how to dress for the night and that’s simply dependent upon where you go. But wherever it is you go keep it casual. Use these 5 things as a guide;

  1. Formality: No need to be formal or uptight just casual and simple application of your own taste. If you want to step it up for the night by wearing a suit with no tie, if the occasion calls for it, by all means go for it. But if not, stay simple and once again, keep it casual.
  2. Style and Comfort: Don’t be bland. Don’t deviate from your style, but spice it up. Change something here or there, but remain you. She like you for you, but your introductory appearance will set the tone for the rest of the evening. What you wear should inspire you to have confidence. A lack of confidence can lead to negative effects throughout the night and is not necessarily appealing to the opposite sex.
  3. Color Coordination: Always be sure to color coordinate properly. Don’t mix colors that don’t go with each other, because then it just looks sloppy. Pay attention to your color shades. If you have a light colored shirt, wear some semi dark or dark jeans and vice versa. Especially if you are wearing a belt, do your best to try and match your belt with your shoes. If you can’t, try to make it close. If you are in debate on colors, don’t be shy about asking a friend.
  4. Accessories: These are completely optional. That’s dependent on your taste and contingent on the taste of the woman you are taking out. For example, if she doesn’t like a guy who wears earrings, take them off for the night. It’s not going to destroy your life if you take them off for a couple of hours. If you like to wear watches, wear your watch. If it makes you feel comfortable, do it. Just make sure it goes with your outfit.
  5. Hygiene: Fix your hair, shave your face, and most importantly, make sure you and your breath smell good. Women love a man who care take care of himself hygienically. Look at it like this: if you smell bad, she won’t say anything, but it will be the only thing she will be thinking about the whole night. She won’t want to get close to you and even if she does have a good time, she still will say, “Yeah he was great, but he just smelled so bad”. Always make sure you smell good. Put cologne on, deodorant, and keep a pack of gum or mints with you at all times.

With all that said and done, I hope you find this article useful. The thing about fashion and dating is it’s so unpredictable. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, because that is how progress is made. If you have to take giant steps to change things about yourself that ultimately lead to better things, then take the leap and jump. Try new things. Change what you wear and see if you can find a new style that suits you, and again, don’t be afraid to put it out there. If it doesn’t work, try and try again and it’s the same method for dating. Any guy can get any girl, just find the right tools and use them.