55% of communication in nonverbal. That means over half of what you say doesn’t even come out of your mouth. Its important to be able to read people just as much as it is to know yourself. This is what your body is communicating to others. We are not only representing ourselves but we represent everything we stand for.

Positive Body Language

Level eye contact is a sign of friendship.

Mirroring is using same gestures communicates to the person that you are like them. People like people who are like themselves.

Feet pointed at person speaking shows that you are interested in what the person has to say.

Tilted head means I am interested in what you are saying.

Spreading out indicates you are confident and comfortable in the space you are in.

Negative Body Language

Hand on back of neck sometimes this can indicate you are annoyed.

Hand on mouth or nose can indicate you are unconfident

Lack of eye contact is almost always a bad sign. This can make you look uninterested and especially unconfident.

Lint picking shows a person that you are uninterested in what they are telling you. Nobody likes a bad listener.

Sometimes we are simply having a bad day and our body language is off. Other people can pick up the negative energy and it can be taken the wrong way. Since we don’t want people to perceive us in a negative light, it is important that we know what we are communicating to others. We must remember that we do not only represent ourselves but we also represent Christ. So lets make sure we are communicating what we are trying to.