Who doesn’t love a hobby that gets you outside and gives you an opportunity to see beautiful scenery. Below is a collection of three of the most prestiges courses in America. Golfers of all experience levels should add these courses to their bucket list for an unforgettable golfing experience.

1. Pine Valley Golf Club

Pine Valley is located in southern New Jersey. Each of Pine Valleys’ holes are unique and memorable. Pine Valley was meticulously designed by George Crump/H.S. Colt and opened up in 1918. In order to open up the course they have removed several trees which has led to seeing gorgeous views of the sandy landscape. They have also done a course reconstruction by Tom Fazio which has helped the barrens to have a more intricate look. Pine Valley is known for their diverse landscapes and unique hazards. The groundsmen keep the course in spectacular conditions with firm fast fairways. While this is known to be a more difficult course, the views make it worth trying out! 

2. Pebble Beach Golf Links

Pebble Beach is a course along the coastline of California with views of the Pacific Ocean and Iconic cliffs. Many pros say this is their favorite course to play, but also the most intimidating course. This course has an ocean view on almost all 18 holes. On the first two holes you cannot see the ocean yet but you can feel it. It is said that the ball rolls straight to the pacific sea. Starting on the third hole you have to be very careful because if you miss right you’re in the ocean. On the 9th hole you have a view of the beautiful white sand of Carmel Beach. This course will test your golf skills while also leaving you speechless by the fantastic views.

3. Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Shinnecock Hills is one of the oldest and most prestige courses in America. It was originally a twelve hole golf course designed by Willie Davis before expanding to a full eighteen hole in 1895. Fun fact about this course is it was the first golf course in the USA to admit woman. This course is also very difficult but can use a driver or 3-wood off of most tees. Shinnecock is known for their steep slopes on several holes, putting your golf skills to a test. Every hole will wow you with its landscaping and scenery. Professional golfer, Ben Crenshaw said that “This is blessed golf terrain indeed.”

The courses listed above have hosted the U.S Open along with being played by many pro golfers. While these courses are challenging for an amateur golfer, they are worth considering for your next golf adventure!

Written by: Katelyn Lovan