How To Ace Your Interview

Are you nervous for your upcoming interview? Or are you just looking for some tips to make sure you get the job? Here are some tips to help you stand out!

Alexis Lopos
  • Perfect and Print Your Resume

After creating your resume, make sure to print a few copies of your resume.

Go over your resume to make sure that your grammar and spelling is up to par. Print out a few copies on clean paper. One way to protect your resume is to put it in a folder. You may also want to bring a blank piece of paper to write down some notes.

  • Dress Your Best

Do not show up to your interview wearing something that you found laying on your closet floor. 

What you wear will create your first impression. Layout your wrinkle free, fur free, stain free, clothes the night before. Check out the company’s dress code to help you choose what would be appropriate to wear. Dress appropriately for the season and don’t forget to take care of your makeup, hair and nails (yes, your nail care matters).

  • Do Your Research 

Visit the company’s “About Us” page on their website.

When going into your interview it is important that you know about the company’s story, vision, values, and achievements. When talking to the interviewer, you can share how your skills can help them achieve their vision or how you may have accomplished something they have achieved. It is also important to be able to match names with faces of those who may be interviewing you before you are there. 

  • Practice Your Handshake, Smile, and Eye Contact

A firm handshake and a friendly smile are also keen on a good first impression.

Do not over think these simple human interactions. Shake the hand of the interviewer, not too hard and not too soft. You can practice your friendly, authentic smile in a mirror. Maintain eye contact to show respect and that you are interested in what the interviewer has to say.

  • Create Mock Interviews 

Practice with your friends to help get out all your filler words (“ummm”, “like”, “you know”, “oh”).

Take your time when answering questions, it’s okay to take a pause. When having a mock interview with friends, have them ask you hard to answer questions and practice how you can best answer them. This is the time to practice the little things like sitting with a straight back, not fiddling with your fingers and not looking around the room when in conversation.

  • Speak Highly of Past Employers and Yourself

Do not make yourself look bad by talking negatively about your former boss or yourself.

Your interviewer will view you as a negative person and unprofessional if you speak poorly of your past employers. Even if you may have had a bad boss, find the positives to show optimism. Speaking highly of yourself is important as well. Do not lie and say that you have no room for improvement. But, talk about yourself as if you were someone else.

  • Think of Questions

Coming with personalized questions shows you did your research.

Some appropriate questions could be:

What are your expectations of me in this role?

What are some of the biggest challenges I may face?

What is your favorite part about working here?

Stay away from asking about salaries and benefits on your first interview, unless your interviewer brings them up.

  • Be on Time


Map out how long it will take to arrive and leave about 10-15 minutes before that. 

One day I was sitting at a coffee shop while an interview was happening across from me. I heard the interviewer keep telling the woman that he really thought she would be a great fit for the role, but he was concerned because she was late. That may have cost her a role at this company. While life happens and there could have been many reasons that caused her to be late, if this happens to you, call the interviewer and do not have them sitting there waiting for you. 

  • Treat Each Person You See With Respect

This one should be the easiest.

Every person you come across, you should be treating with respect. The interviewer can ask the secretary that you had to check in with how you greeted her. Or they can ask an employee you walked in through the doors with if you held the door or let it close on them. Little things like that can cost you your dream job.

  • Write a Thank You Note

Send an email or a note thanking the interviewer for their time.

The note can be short and sweet. Here are some things to include:

Address the interviewer by their proper name (if they asked you to call them a certain name, call them that)

Thank them for their time 

Express your interest in the role

Add, “ I look forward to hearing from you“

Add any question that you may have forgotten about

You are now prepared to ace your interview.

If you follow these 10 tips you will be all set. Interviews can be nerve racking, but they do not need to be. Remember to breathe and be yourself. Make sure to share this post with someone you know that has an interview coming up or save it for when you need it!