1 City, 2 Ways: Charlotte’s Must-Visit Hotspots

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmyzRgDWik0 You may have visited Charlotte, North Carolina before. If so, you know that it is bustling with life and variety. Where do you even start when...

5 Must-See’s for a Weekend in Nashville With the Girls

These yummy cafes and picturesque stops are perfect for your next girl weekend in Nashville! 1. Five Daughter's Bakery

5 Fall Fashion Trends for Successful Women

This is an image of two women dressed in trending 2019 fall fashion.
The Atlanta Skyline

Weekend in Hot-lanta

"There's much more to the CITY OF ATLANTA than Coca-Cola and CNN." Have you ever traveled to a city for a fun weekend getaway, but it ended up not...
friends eating London food

Fashion Shoot: Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC - A Hidden Gem When one thinks of the South East, cities south as Charlotte, Atlanta, and Orlando come to mind. But, nestled between this land...

Cocktail of the Week: Down & Out

This week's featured cocktail "Down & Out" comes to us from eccentric East Nashville, TN. When you want to escape the...

This Summer’s Low Maintenance Men’s Haircut: The Crop

Summer weather can be harsh on your hairstyle, especially if you’re using a store-bought gel. It'll run in your eyes as you sweat and usually turns into a sticky mess.

5 Women’s Trends You Need In Your Closet This Summer

Summer is here and so is the heat, outdoor shenanigans, and vacations. Whether you are taking it easy or still have plenty of work to do, there is certainly more to summer...

Cocktail of the Week: The Jaded Monk

Ellipsis is a special punctuation that indicate the omission of words or entire sentences using three dots. Through a delicately curated...