In a world where remote jobs are becoming increasingly more common—and sometimes preferred—it is essential to consider how your home workspace can affect you. In the next several minutes we’ll explore ways to curate your space to increase your overall productivity.

Chose a Comfortable Spot to Work

The first way to create a space that feels right is by choosing the correct location. Pick a place that’s quiet and comfortable, away from higher traffic areas like the kitchen—especially if you won’t be home alone. A home office is obviously an ideal spot, but any area that will give you enough privacy to focus is a great option. Setting up a desk in your bedroom or choosing a corner of your living room are great alternatives.

In addition to volume, consider the lighting throughout the space. Do you prefer a brighter, more naturally lit environment? Or does a darker, cozier room make you feel more at peace? Lean into whatever makes you feel most professional and productive!

Find the Right Furniture

Furniture makes a huge impact on the comfort of your home workspace. Since you’ll be sitting and working for long periods of time, it’s important to make an effort to find the right fit. However, high-quality, comfortable furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. Facebook Marketplace, thrift stores, and consignment stores are excellent options to find what you need at a much lower price point. Plus, you’ll likely find something much more unique! It’s a win-win, especially for the young professional.

“Think about what inspires you—and cultivate more of that.”

Add a Personal Touch

Your home workspace is yours—so make it feel like it! Keeping professionalism in mind, add things to your space that make you want to work in it. Whether it’s purchasing a print from your favorite artist, printing a family photo, or placing your favorite books on your bookshelf, perosnal touches can go a long way. Think about what inspires you—and cultivate more of that.

Keep it Clean

One on the simpliest ways to achieve productivity in your new workspace it to keep it clean. A cluttered work environment can lead to a cluttered mind, negatively affecting your workflow and productivity. Keep up with regularly tidying up your space—both right after you make a mess and at the end of the day.

Now, you should be ready to curate a home workspace that feels, professional, personal, and comfortable! Be sure to get connected with us on Instagram, and for more helpful tips, follow along with our Success Blogs.

Written by Brianna Elwell