By Cameron Hollingsworth

Certificates are a great way to set yourself apart in the business world. They look great on resumes and give Young Professionals skills you would otherwise be unable to attain without an immense amount of real-life work experience. In this article, I plan to show you 4 of the best certificates that you can start on immediately that are guaranteed to make you stand out on your resume and gain skills easily with little to no work experience. Let us begin!


PMI Ready Certificate

PMI Ready is a great starter certification that does not require any experience. While some other articles may mention the bigger brother of this certificate the Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate. The PMI is a certificate that gives you some good beginner skills and gets you ready for some of the ideas and methodologies necessary to become a Project Manager. Overall a great beginner cert that can easily set a management major apart from his or her competition.

Google Analytics Certificate

The Google Analytics certification is one of the best certifications you can get as a Young Professional right now. Data is such an important and necessary tool in the business world and it does not appear to be going away anytime soon. Plus Google Ads/Analytics is one of the largest and most used marketing tools available right now, so any marketing Young Professionals looking to spruce up their resumes should definitely look into getting this certification.

Salesforce Certificate

Next up is the popular CRM (customer relationship management) platform Salesforce. While the upper levels of Salesforce require you to pay you can get started with Trailhead Salesforce’s in-house beginner program. Trailhead sets you up with all that you need to grow into Salesforce which can open up all sorts of opportunities for a Young Professional’s career. Be sure to check Trailhead out!

LinkedIn Learning

Finally, we have LinkedIn Learning a sort of hub for certificates. Although you have to pay for this service the first month is free and after that, you have to pay $40 a month. On the bright side most of the certificates available through LinkedIn learning you can do in under a month so be sure to take advantage of that free month and get a lot of certificates. LinkedIn Learning has a multitude of subjects and disciplines so any major or job can benefit from LinkedIn Learning. Happy Learning!

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