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Being an HR professional is one of the most demanding, yet unappreciated, professions in business. This podcast will be an encouragement to HR professionals and help them become better at what they do by sharing cutting edge HR practices and giving them insight into how they can become a strategic business partner and be more valued by their organization. New episodes are updated every Tuesday!

Dating in the workplace

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

When I was in college, I had the privilege to serve as an intern for Minitab, Inc.  Minitab is...
salary negotiation

More Money, More Money, More Money!

How to Negotiate your Salary coming out of School! Obviously, we are not in times where walking up to...
Active shooters in the workplace

Active Shooters in the Workplace and Learning How to Survive

According to a 2016 report by Everbridge, “69% of workplaces view an active shooter incident as a top...

Try a Matchmaker before taking the Plunge, Technology Plunge, that is!

When dating, have you ever used a dating app, like  I was always skeptical of such sites until I began meeting...
Coronavirus impacts HR

What Employers Need to Know about COVID19

By Chris Gantt-Sorenson The Coronavirus has progressed to the point that Employers should communicate about it with their employees...

OK Boomer

Unfortunately, today’s society is more uncivil and unkind than I can ever remember.  It seems that people’s differences are being accentuated and...

What is Employee Engagement? Do you know?

Employee Engagement is one of the most monitored and discussed human capital metrics today.  We are told that in order to be...

Saving Drake and Vivian

When Steve Nail and I began the SurviveHR podcast, we expected our episodes would cover Human Resources related topics.  However, this one is...

HR Laws to Look Out for in 2020

Well it’s that time of year again, Election Time.  That’s both good and bad.  It’s good in that very few federal laws...

Meet the Hosts!

Steve Nail

Dean, Anderson University College of Business

Steve Nail is currently the Dean, College of Business, at Anderson University. He is a labor and employment attorney who has worked with the National Labor Relations Board, Michelin, and Hubbell. Steve was appointed by Governor Nikki Haley to serve on the SC Healthcare Planning Committee and was reappointed by Governor McMaster in 2018.

Kelly Mendez-Scheib

VP Human Resources, Tindall Corporation

Kelly Mendez-Scheib serves as the Vice President of Human Resources at Tindall Corporation which includes overseeing workforce planning, and employment, compensation and benefits administration, development and training, employee relations and more. In her spare time, Kelly also enjoys volunteering in the local community, teaching as adjunct faculty at local universities, serving as a foster mother, and spending time with her family and five children.

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