Summer Lavery

Have you had thoughts about your business? If so, you’ve found the right blog! When seeking to build your business, it can be rather intimidating, especially if it is your first one. Whether you’re building a social media empire, or a lemonade stand, your business is our business, and we are here to help! Below is a list of some of the first steps to take when mapping out your new business!

Step 1: Find Your Business Image

What do you want people to see when they look at your business?

A business image is the initial or final perception someone, being your viewers, customers, or clients, has about what your business is. In order to operate your business appropriately, you must learn about what it is you want your brand to look like. Whether that is literal image, such as advertising or brand aesthetic, or metaphorical image as in the mental recognition of it, your business needs a positive image. Image is made up of many things, ideas, opinions, core values, and product reliability. You must think from your customers perspective, how would you wan them to view your business?

Step 2: Find Out Who Your Target Demographic is

Who are you marketing towards?

A demographic is the type of people or person you want to market your product or service to. Demographic is important because the better you are at understanding what your demographic wants, the better you will be at creating a marketable product that will sell. You can have multiple demographics depending on who or what you want to model your product to or for. For example, if you sell gym equipment, you want to market to an agricultural demographic. Finding your demographic is just as important as creating your image, and they also intertwine.

Step 3: Create a Product or Service

What are you going to sell or market?

Developing your product can be the start of your business, but it doesn’t have to be. It can start from a small idea. Whether that’s wanting to help people, wanting to grow your business, or just having in idea to bring to life, a good product can bring that to life for you and your business. A good product consists of reliability, consistency, popularity, and the ability to be produced as much as its sold. Balance is key to a good product that is reliable, for you and your customers. Almost any product is marketable, with the right mindset and production.

Conclusion: Get Going!

Now that you have a short yet reliable list of what it takes to create your business, get going! Create, imagine, market, and sell! Anyone can build a business with hard work and discipline, as well as the ability to fail and bounce back. Building something new takes time and is an unsteady process, but with resilience comes blessings. Best of luck to you and your business, though we know you won’t need it.