Best Airport Tips for New Travelers

Read these tips before the next time you head to the airport

For many people, the airport can be a hectic place. The crowd, the chaos, and the urgency can cause people to freak out. There are some tips and tricks that may be helpful to navigate these nerve-wracking times.

Get There Early

In order to make sure to get on the plane on time, arrive to the airport at least an hour and a half before the flight. There are many unknowns that may happen to cause you to miss your flight. The flight may be moved up, it may be a new airport and you don’t know where to go, or maybe you forgot something at home. Just be sure to be early whenever you have a flight.

Know Your Flight Information Before You Get to The Airport

Since many tickets are available online or through an airline app, the flight information will be available. Always be sure to know what gate the plane will be departing from. This will help with knowing exactly where the plane will be. Also, the online boarding pass will help with any flight time changes. By knowing this, you will be aware of a potential delay on your flight.

Carry Multiple Bags on the Plane

Sometimes, but not always, luggage can get lost at the airport. Be sure to bring any valuable items with you on the plane that you definitely do not want to lose. It may cost a little bit extra for another carry-on bag, but it will be worth it. You’ll always know exactly where your belongings are if you have them as a carry-on.

TSA Tips

Going through TSA can be a hectic process. Knowing what to do beforehand can make this a smooth and simple time. First, when packing, place toiletries and mobile devices on the top. Since you have to take them out of your bag for scanning, it will be a lot easier than digging through your bag for these items. Next, have your ID and boarding pass ready so the TSA agent can scan it right away. Finally, make sure to grab your things quickly once they’ve been scanned. Travelers don’t like to waste time so be sure to get your shoes on right away then walk straight to your terminal.

By: Mikey Clifford