Wednesday, April 24, 2019

9 Things You Need To Know About Ties

This article pinpoints everything on the need to knows about ties.

What To Wear and Do on a First Date

This article gives you a good guide on what to dress like and the right ways to go about your first Date. The how and what to do on your date and 5 things to assists you on maximizing your outfit for the night.

5 Practical Tips On How To get Promoted

So you have finally landed your first job and you are still learning the details and the culture of the workplace. After all of...

4 Ways to Build Community as a Freshman

Welcome to college as a freshman. You are hundreds of miles away from home and a new adventure is in front of you. For...

A Little Bit of Income From Many Different Sources is a...

I have always told my daughters that in today’s world, it is important to have multiple sources of income so that they lessen the...

iPhone XS vs XS Max DROP Test! Worlds Strongest Glass!

Everything Apple Pro does a side by side, multiple heights and angle drops of the Apple iPhone XS and the XS Max to see...

Warning: Envy and Depression can be Self-Imposed through Facebook

Millennials shrug the critiques baby boomers make about increased social media use. This article chronicles a personal epiphany about potential emotional turmoil Facebook can cause in response to a recently published study.

Mother Starts a Clothing Line for Children with Autism

Having a special needs family member can be quite a challenge, but they are some of the greatest gifts from God. Thierry found her calling to help her son, and others like him by her experiences. And because of her courage to create change, thousands

A World of Dreams

Our Dreams shape us and motivate us. But what happens if there is a major flaw in our "Dream Sources"?
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