3 Ways to Incorporate God Into Your Everyday Life

By: Brooklynn Dupuy

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.”

Revelation 3:20, The Bible

In the Bible, God makes it clear that those who seek him, he will also seek out and pursue. It can be very hard going through life without knowing the One who created you and created all. It is easy to get distracted and go through the motions day by day. I catch myself getting caught up in worldly idols and believing worldly lies too often. This creates for an unstable mindset and keeps me from what truly matters in this world. I am learning to be more aware of Him and walk with Him at my side in my everyday life. The three things that help me do this are worshipping Him, doing daily devotionals, and praying to Him.


Worship is my favorite way to spend time with God, especially when I am feeling far from him. I notice when I praise God, I gain a sense of peace that I don’t find in anything else. Being in his presence, and learning to be vulnerable when I am worshipping him helps my heart find rest. This is what keeps my mind in the right place and strengthens my humility before him as well. Worshipping over the years has looked different for me growing up, but as I have gotten older, I have seen my heart change regarding worship. I have seen the posture of my heart change when it comes to praising the Lord and doing it all for Him and nothing else.


Daily devotionals are very crucial. I try to think of it like grabbing coffee with a friend. By this I mean spending as much time with Him, getting to know Him, like I do with any of my closest friends and family. After all, He is my Heavenly Father. I try to set aside time each day to just be in His Word and learn more about Him, whether this is a five minute devotional or an hour long devotional. Sometimes, I learn more about Him than I do others. And that is okay. I have accepted the fact that it will not always be easy to read my Bible intentionally and easily, and get everything intended out of it. It is about taking His Word piece by piece each day, with a humble heart. I think the more I spend in His Word, the more I crave His Word.


Prayer is so beneficial to my relationship with the Lord in so many ways. Arguably, it might even be the most important part of a relationship with Him. Prayer is so freeing. Prayer is so calming. Prayer is so vulnerable. Prayer is so good. Prayer is so powerful. It is wonderful to know that we have such a gift as prayer. The fact that we are able to freely talk to the Creator of the universe whenever we so please and ask him for the desires of our heart whenever we need will never cease to amaze me. Our God is so good and so sovereign. I have seen prayer move mountains that you never thought could have been moved. His goodness makes ways where there are no ways. He gives us things we never thought we could have ever received. He hears us, he listens to us, and he sees us. He seeks us out like none other can or will. It is truly beautiful. Praying, for me, means sitting in God’s presence and resting at His feet, for as long as I need, no matter what I might be feeling, thinking, or going through. There is no love like this. There is no better cure for anything life may throw at you.