Saturday, February 16, 2019


YouTube Fashion Consultant Carly Cristman goes over 10 basic needs for your closet this fall.

Watchbox reviews the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Luxury Watch

Looking for a new luxury watch that looks sharp, built to last and at a great price, check out Tim from Watchbox as he...

Keeping it Classy in Today’s Fashion

Samantha Maria from gives you the latest fashion trends to ensure you are always looking classy.

Do You Want to Achieve Optimal Self-Improvement? It Is A Matter...

The definition of health is multifacited. In part A of this article we explored the true definition of physical health and the power of turning in. Part B reveals the emotional and mental aspects of health and how you can foster them both.

Where Your Faith Meets Your Fitness

Learning to integrate your faith into your fitness can bring about a more consistent routine and more results. Here are three ways to make it happen!

Stuck in the Friend Zone with You

A change in perspective on the "friend zone" after serious reflection through faithful eyes

Safe eating habits

There are many eating habits that should be on your mind if you are planning to lose some weight. Remember that without proper planning,...

Behavior Disorders: A mom’s search for a solution

Dianne Kosto is a mother on a mission. When her youngest son was in 3rd grade, they noticed he was having challenges in school...

Mini Gadgets and Games That Actually Work

From games like Tetris to items like a mini thermal imaging camera and other gadgets, the guys from Dope or Nope give their take...

Why You Shouldn’t Wait on the Weights

The benefits of consistent strength training stretch further than the visible muscles they develop. Discover the deeper reasons you should make your way to the weight room and develop a life long habit of spending time there.
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