Active shooters in the workplace

Active Shooters in the Workplace and Learning How to Survive

According to a 2016 report by Everbridge, “69% of workplaces view an active shooter incident as a top threat, but 79% of organizations responded that they were not...
Business Woman Picking Out Shoes

Stand Out In The Office In These Designer Shoe Dupes

Martina Boone once said "It doesn't matter how great your shoes are if you don't accomplish anything in them". Dressing in the office is as important as your...

5 Women’s Trends You Need In Your Closet This Summer

Summer is here and so is the heat, outdoor shenanigans, and vacations. Whether you are taking it easy or still have plenty of work to do, there is certainly more to summer...

The Great Gucci Fiasco of 2017

The role of a buyer is really fun. My buyer is probably what most people think of when they think of fashion. She flies out to New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London,...

Where Do I Find Resources to Pray for the Gospel to be Spread?

Find resources to pray for people who don't know Jesus and for those whoa re being persecuted in other countries.
Fashion questions answered

12 Fashion Questions You Didn’t Know You Needed The Answers To

Let's talk all things fashion: questions, trends, and styling tips Meet the lovely ladies that gave us great insights to the top fashion questions:
This is God's creation to show his glory.

How Do I Even Share the Gospel?

Many of you have been a Christian for a long time. You know that you should share this thing called the Gospel, but have you ever been taught how to teach others...
The Atlanta Skyline

Weekend in Hot-lanta

"There's much more to the CITY OF ATLANTA than Coca-Cola and CNN." Have you ever traveled to a city for a fun weekend getaway, but it ended up not...

Cocktail of the Week: Down & Out

This week's featured cocktail "Down & Out" comes to us from eccentric East Nashville, TN. When you want to escape the...

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