5 Vacation Spots

Top 5 Vacation Spots for Young Professionals

It is time to travel and explore the world around you by taking the vacation you deserve! We have listed our top 5 choices of vacation spots for you.
Meal Prep Image

How to Make Lunchtime a Little Easier by Meal Prepping

Looking to save some time and not feel guilty about what you are eating for lunch? Our how-to guide on meal prepping is the answer!
Work wardrobe

How to Build a Versatile Work Wardrobe

Building a wardrobe for work that's functional, versatile, and stylish isn't as hard as you think. I think there's often a misconception in fashion that planning good outfits take a lot of time and effort. For hardworking professionals, time is a luxury that you don't have much of.
Motivation, business, motivate, motivated, professional

Five Ways to Maintain Motivation as a Business Professional

Trying to stay motivated can seem like driving a car that slowly creeps towards empty. As sophisticated business professionals, motivation is one of the most important fuels for your dreams and aspirations....

Life After Masks: How to Navigate!!!

Podcast Hosts: Steve Nail and Kelly Scheib Join us this week as we discuss the even changing CDC Guidance! Emails: Kelly@Survivehr.com

Burnout At Work!

Podcast Hosts: Steve Nail and Kelly Scheib Standout Quotes: "Burnout has a cost" - "We have leaned our organization out so much...

Funniest Interview Questions!

Funniest Interview Questions! ‘SurviveHR’ Podcast Show Notes Podcast Hosts:Steve Nail and Kelly Scheib Sponsors: Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd Standout Quotes:


Podcast Hosts: Steve Nail and Kelly Scheib Standout Quotes: "Sometimes Kelly, you need to go back to the beginning, and remember why you went into HR"...

Movie Review for Joy (2015)

The Pandemic Movie Problem One of the most disappointing things for me during this pandemic has been the halt on movie-going. Pre-COVID, I would read a movie review and...

7 Healthy habits that will help you throughout your life

Exercise   Physical activities or exercise can reduce the risk of developing sickness like diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular disease. Exercising is a great...