A Friendly Guide to Balancing Lifestyle with Relationships!

By: Alexandria Turner

Steps to Lead you in the Right Direction!

1.) Communication is Key!!

2.) Keep your expectations realistic!

3.) Be Dependable!

4.) Set Boundaries!

5.) Be Persistent!

1.) Communication is Key!

You’ll hear this for forever when seeking advice on keeping any relationship alive. Communication can advance you into deeper conversations and help to achieve common goals! Having emotional check-ins with each other can assist you in the process of not only learning each others love languages but assisting you into learning the coping skills of one another.

2.) Keep your Expectations Realistic!

The basics in a partnership should obviously consist of trust, honesty, respect, effort, open communication, etc. If the basic needs aren’t meant, you’ll be miserable but remember, they won’t understand they’re doing anything wrong unless you verbalize it. You can’t compare your spouses actions to how your friends husband is. They are not going to be Shrek and come save you from a castle and they are defiantly not cinderella and going to wait on your every move. It’s not realistic to go on a date every night or to want to be around them 24/7. Wanting space is normal and you shouldn’t badger them when they don’t do something right.

3.) Be Dependable!

The key to being dependable to someone is showing them that you’re loyal. You have to be reliable when they need a hug, someone to rant to or even just be the person they don’t feel like is going to walk away. This also includes being willing to admit to mistakes and being the person who acknowledges when you’re wrong. Say what you mean and mean what you say!

4.) Set Boundaries!

Setting limits in a relationship can be helpful to understand the others wants and needs! You need to be clear from the beginning on what interest you and what makes you happy in a partnership. Communicating your thoughts and feelings can help to help each other set the boundaries. Realize that setting boundaries isn’t putting the other in time out its just to help for future arguments to be avoided.

5.) Be Persistent

By all means being persistent doesn’t mean you’re being annoying or pushing something on the other. It simply means if there are issues in your relationship or things you’d like to establish, being persistent is the main way to show you’re willing to put in the work to make it beautiful.