Jane Ann Klinner

For decades healthy lifestyles have always been a focus for many people, some more than others. As a Athlete I see it from all sides, the effects that Healthy Eating and Fitness have on your body is a great impact. Many try things for a week and give up. The process is the key and being patient is always a key factor when it comes to benefits from Healthy Lifestyle. Your choices can not change one hundred percent over night and by no means they do not have to. That is why patience is the key as well as repetition. The more you make the habits to put these factors into your lifestyle and schedule, the more you do not even have to think about doing them. You just do it and see the results.

Here are a few key easy steps of how to get started…

1. Get a fun notebook: write down fun meals that you like. Healthy does not always mean gross foods, it means foods that are great for your body but also taste great.

2. Find what you prefer. Pinterest: Look up fun snacks, recipes, and or meals that you can make that are simple and healthy. Not only will they taste great but they make you feel great after. You can also look up fun, easy 10-15 minute workouts. Super simple and super quick!

3. Make a schedule: Start planning when you are going to take time to go to the store and or when you will go to the gym.

4. Repeat! Repetition is key. In order to succeed you can not give up. I know you can do it, you just have to believe you can. These are four easy factors that are simple but easy to implement into your routine to get started in your goals of a Healthy Lifestyle. The results will pay off in the end and will be so worth it. Healthy lifestyle can change so much from the way you act, such as your mood. It can make a night and day difference. I know for me personally I always feel a hundred times better after I eat healthy and go to the gym. For me I do not love long workouts so I do not stay longer than an hour. Usually only thirty minutes because experts say that doing many exercises is not always key. It is about doing the exercises the correct way with proper technique and the right ones for your body. A physical therapist told me before the best thing to get started is google a few exercises and make progress from there. More than likely if you were to get a personal trainer they do not always know what they are doing and do not always help with the right exercises for your body. You know your body best so you should pick the exercises that you feel are right for you. Start small and add on from there. Here are a few benefits to why a Healthy Lifestyle is beneficial…

1. More positive attitude

2. Improves overall bone and joint health

3. Improves mental health

4. Improves Gut Health

5. Improves Sleep

There are many more benefits that can go into a Healthy Lifestyle but all in all these are the top factors. The key is to find your routine and what fits your lifestyle right, then stick with it. Many people give up too quickly and that is why they do not see the end result. Fitness and Eating healthier can benefit you in so many ways. Especially such as the one I listed above. To help motivate you, get a friend to do your healthy lifestyle routine with you. Finding a fun calendar, cute water bottle and or fun ways to make your snacks taste better. All while looking better and the cuter you make the snacks the more you will want to eat them. Making things easier is always more motivating because it saves you time and energy. Maybe to save some time in the mornings, prep things at night in cute containers and then place them in the fridge. That way they are ready to go the next morning and all organized. WHO KNEW a healthy lifestyle could be so fun.