5 Foods and Snacks That Can Help Your Productivity and Focus

by Ethan Banks

Did you know that food has the ability to help productivity and focus? Productivity and the abilty to focus is something that every young professional wants to have and excel at in their career. Another major thing that most people in the workplace need to balance is fueling their body whilst working. The body needs fuel in order to have energy and a honed mind throughout the day. There are 5 main foods and snacks that we have identified to be beneficial to the body in order to heighten focus and productivity. These are bananas, chocolate, the combination of peanut butter and apples, celery/carrots and hummus, and blueberries.


Bananas have a very specific simple sugar known as glucose that is very important to the productivity of the body. Your body requires a daily intake of glucose in order to function at its highest potential. Also, Bananas are full of glucose sugars and carbohydrates which helps keep the body feeling fueled!


Chocolate seems like it would be the opposite of a postive productivity food however being packed with sugar, and dark chocolate being filled with caffeine allows for the body to actively work! Another benefit of chocolate, other than the fact that we are suggesting for you to eat it, would be that chocolate helps prevent/relieve stress.

Apples and Peanut Butter

Need we say more! Almonds, walnuts, and peanuts all are filled with protein which is very good for your body. Pairing any of those nuts with sugar enriched apples makes for a healthy snack. Convienetly, most nuts are made into spreads of butter which helps the quickness in going from eating to working as a simple dip of apple into a butter can help boost productivity!

Hummus + Celery and Carrots

Food has the ability to help productivity and focus and carrots/celery + hummus is the perfect example of that. Interestingly, Hummus is filled with Omega-3 amino acids and protein. Carrots are “memory sticks” as the luteolin enhances memory. Celery helps with the removal of oxidative stress. The combination of these three foods help the body immensily.


We are just as suprised as you that blueberries are on our list! When we did our research, we found that blueberries are filled with postive antioxidants. Interestingly, blueberries expand and enhance memory. Also, blueberries are the most popular of snacks for young children and studies have shown that they complete tasks with better completion when they eat blueberries!

Food has the ability to help productivity and focus!

We hope that you have enjoyed our selections for some snacks and foods that have the ability to boost productivity and focus. Interestingly, we found that most of these foods we personally ate when we were kids. Also, we would love to hear some of your favorite productive snacks! If you have any other foods that you like to eat that help boost your productivity feel free to comment on our Instagram some of your favorites!

Moving forward, what are some ways you can help your productivity? We now know some foods to help us, but what else can helps us focus? Are you interested in other ways other than food to help focus? Check out this post on 5 things to stay focused!