The COVID-19 Success Story of a Local Business Owner.

Shannon Tanski / YellowBike Coffee Interview

Yellow Bike Coffee

Shannon Tanski is sharing her Covid-19 success story with us today. She is a single mother of five children. Shannon also owns a local coffee shop brand Yellow Bike Coffee. She owns two coffee shops located in Hermantown and Duluth, Minnesota. Since creating the shop entirely herself, the brand has flourished and has developed into a very successful local business. However, with Covid-19 hitting this year, Yellow Bike Coffee’s development was at risk.

Yellow Bike Coffee inside space

Yellow Bike Coffee Since COVID-19

This year, a terrifying and important change occurred in Minnesota. Due to the pandemic, the state came up with vital restrictions to protect people from catching COVID-19. One of these implementations was the prohibition of inside dining. As expected, coffee shops and restaurants were first in line to be hit by the new restrictions announced. As a result, Yellow Bike Coffee, being a primarily indoor facility had to shut down its main activity.

Previously, the community saw the coffee shop as a place that offered quality experiences, hosted events, held business meetings, etc. In addition, the cozy and vibrant interior design of the shop provided a warm attraction to customers. Overall, Yellow Bike Coffee was a fun place to meet with friends, family or working partners around a nice meal or drink. That was confirmed by the local notoriety the shop earned that explained its great inside dining experience. Ninety percent of Yellow Bike Coffee’s revenues used to be from inside dining.

A Successful Adaptation to COVID-19

After months of living in a pandemic, Minnesota continues to restrict inside dining. Yellow Bike Coffee has proven again its ability to quickly react. For instance, Shannon just launched her own coffee beans brand and released her retail products online last week. Her unbelievable ability to react and bounce from difficult situations allowed her to maintain good revenues during a pandemic that shut down so many businesses from the same industry.

How did Shannon overcome the pandemic? Click above to hear the details of Yellow Bike Coffee’s Covid-19 Success Story.

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