Few things are harder than running you own business. When everything depends on you, and this responsibility can be crushing, and sometimes it can feel like your only option is to throw in the towel. We all make mistakes. However, you can use these tips you can fight back, regain control of your situation, and avoid giving up.

1. Regain Perspective

Take a second to look at your position. Look at how far you’ve come, see the changes you have made. It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when you lose yourself in the day to day details. A good way to do avoid giving up is to take a step back, look at your situation and remind yourself of your where you started, your accomplishments, and where you want to go.

2. Break Your Problems Down

Most of the time, people give up because they feel overwhelmed and under equipped. Breaking your situation down into individual problems helps make it manageable, in multiple ways. For instance, having each problem in front of you removes a great deal of uncertainty. This allows you to sort them by importance and tackle them one at a time. Each small step is another problem crossed off the list, and the ability to look at each of your problems disappear is encouraging in and of itself.

3. Maintain a Healthy Life

Working your hardest can take it’s toll on your body and mind.Keep your body and mind in peak condition and you’ll be in the best position to tackle each problem as they come. Not to mention, exercising encourages your mind to release serotonin and reduces stress. Exercise also gives you time to think, and this time away from distractions leads to a higher level of clarity. This allows you to make better decisions.