Many people of all ages and backgrounds believe they have what it takes to succeed in the entertainment industry.  When getting their career started or looking deeper into what they need to do to get their career started, they either don’t know where to go or start down the wrong road and have a terrible experience.

Suzanne Green, owner of Millie Lewis Models & Talent, in North Charleston, offers this advice to anyone who walks into her agency.  “One of our mottos – ‘The Dream Starts Here,'”  she says, “is exciting because we have witnessed and have been blessed to see so many of our models’ and actors’ dreams come true.  They all started with an audition like the one we have coming up July 15.” She continues to talk about the beginnings of some of those aspiring models’ and actors’ careers, “A lot of them will tell you they were very nervous, but still stepped out, and came to see if they had what it tales to succeed in this very specialized and competitive industry.  If they had not, Mena Suvari/American Beauty, Josh Strickland/Tarzan on Broadway and now Lead in “Vegas” in Las Vegas, Matt Czuchry/The Good Wife, Ashley Scott/Walking Tall w/The Rock and now on Lifetime “UnReal”, Aaron Burr/Tap Dogs, Kalli Dangerfield/NY Model, Austen Brown Williams/Mrs. America 2014, and many, many more may still be here in Charleston waiting on their dreams to happen.”

Suzanne gives her opinion of what is a good first step in getting into “the business.”  She suggests that someone who feels they are being called to this industry, should first prepare themselves and attend an “open audition.”  The open audition is an opportunity for anyone to display their talent in front of the Millie Lewis staff and in some cases national talent scouts.  Artists and models are evaluated and then Millie Lewis begins the process of coaching and training these individuals and assists in building a professional talent portfolio.

Lead by Suzanne, the staff includes Booking Agent, Louise Teems, who has been booking talent all around the country since the early 1980’s.  Their staff coaches clients on what they need to improve their skills, assists them in making decisions that will give them the best chance for success and provides the necessary connections to help break through to the national stage.

Suzanne mentions that they are running another open audition on July 15, 2015 at their agency which is located at 7475 Northside Drive, North Charleston, SC. The audition begins at 6:30 p.m.  She encourages, “If you have ever wanted to walk a runway; be in a TV commercial or a TV series; sing, dance, or act on Broadway, or star in a major motion picture, now is your chance to take the first step towards your dream.”

Millie Lewis Models & Talent is different from other agencies and Suzanne explains, “We are a Christian organization based on family values.  Models and actors can maintain ethics and morals and still succeed.  We are looking for role models.”

Join Suzanne and the entire team at Millie Lewis Models & Talent at their open audition on July 15.  It’s a chance to embark on a whole new career and change your future.  Remember, every journey starts with a first step.