SEO Authority Backlinks
SEO Authority Backlinks

You have great content on your website, and you have done everything to maximize your SEO authority as far as meta tags, alt tags, H tags, and a million other types of tags you can create. However, your content is still not appearing on the search engines. Why is this? Most likely it is because you need to increase your SEO Authority. Google not only wants to ensure your site has the proper content viewers are looking for, but they also want to ensure your site is reputable. Meaning your site has the seal of approval from others. This is primarily done by creating high, quality backlinks. Backlinks are links on someone else’s website that directs back to your site. The key here is you need high-quality backlinks to drastically increase your ranking. 

What makes a backlink high quality for SEO Authority?

Quality backlinks are links from other websites that have high page relevancy, provide the content users are looking for when they do a search, and have a high authority ranking themselves. Search engines view them as a credible source because their page engagement are attractive and they have quality backlinks from other high authority ranking sites.

What about social media sites for SEO Backlinks?

Placing links from your page on social media sites will help increase SEO. However, these are not considered high-quality links and will only increase effectiveness slightly. So should you post links on social…. yes. Do you still need more high quality links… yes. 

Strategies to gain high-quality SEO Backlinks

So now we know we need to bain high-quality backlinks, how can we do this? Here are some easy to follow tips to achieve this.

1. Partnerships

Refer Content: Let’s say you need a specific type of blog, but you do not have the expertise. Find a blog already created, and ask them if you can put their blog on your site in return for a backlink. Likewise, ask them if they will put one of your blogs on their page.

Create a joint project with another brand (photoshoot, video, blog series, expert advice, ect). Insert backlinks on each other’s sites. Let’s say you need images for a blog, and a fashion blogger has exactly what you need. Ask them for permission to use their image, and in return, you will give them a backlink. Now you have a relationship with this blogger, and hopefully, they will give you a backlink in the future. 

Highlight Businesses or Individuals in your Content: Who has a decent-sized following with your target audience? Write a blog on them, do a podcast, ect. Then ask them to post your content that features them on their website. 

2. Guest blogging

Are there up and coming bloggers that you admire? Ask them to submit some of their content on your site. And in return, maybe you could provide content for their site. In the process, you give each other a backlink and develop a great partnership.

3. Guest Submissions

You have great content on your site. But do not keep it to yourself, share it! There are many publications seeking guest submissions. And if they feature your content, most likely you will get a backlink! To is easy to find publications seeking for guest submissions. All you have to do is conduct a Google search with your desired keyword and + inurl:write-for-us. For example, if you are an NFL blogger, you can search “NFL + inurl:write-for-us”. In addition, you can use the following searches as well:

  • your keyword + guest-posts
  • your keyword + become a contributor
  • your keyword + submit an article
  • your keyword + become an author

Now It’s Your Turn to Get Some SEO Backlinks!

So here you have it! 3 proven strategies you can apply today to increase your SEO authority with backlinks. But here is the thing, once you start obtaining your backlinks, you need to monitor how it is impacting your SEO authority. I recommend checking out our friends at Mangools. They have a fantastic list of powerful tools to help you increase your SEO status. Give them a look!