On January 20th, as President Elect Biden is sworn in as President of the United States, many in the Human Resources and Business Community will be watching closely as changes to our existing policies begin to take shape. 

Listen this week as Steve Nail and I are joined by our friends and Labor and Employment Law experts, Chris Gantt-Sorenson & Perry MacLennan, to discuss likely changes to the rules we know today!

While we are certainly being speculative in our assumptions- below is what we expect to see:

  1. Expansions of the Affordable Care Act
  2. Stricter COVID-19 Guidelines/Increased OSHA Requirements
  3. Expansions of paid leave (FAMILY ACT)
  4. Friendlier Labor Relations Policies and Programs
  5. Reversal of many Trump Era Immigrations Policies
  6. Increases to the Minimum Wage
  7. Increased anti-discrimination enforcement
  8. Stricter Rules on Non-Competes and Anti-Poaching Policies



To Listen to the full podcast, click below: