This is our final podcast for 2020!!!!  Oh – what a year it has been.    As we look back on this year marked by COVID-19 we can’t help but be humbled by all we have faced as an HR community.  This has really been the year we were thrust into uncharted territory and forced to help guide our organizations through this crisis.  

As we end the year, we can look ahead with hope of a COVID-19 vaccination.  However, as employers, do you mandate vaccination of your employees?  How do you accommodate employees who refuse to be vaccinated?   The vaccine is sure to provide another sticky complication to an already oppressive pandemic.

Please listen in and find some helpful blog posts below from our friends Chris and Perry:

Finally, as we close this year—we want to thank our SurviveHR listeners for their dedication to our podcast. We sincerely thank you and hope to continue to bring great content your way in 2021.

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