Dress for Success

Have you ever walked into work feeling stressed, unorganized, or lacking confidence? Imagine changing this with a few simple articles of clothing. The clothing a business woman chooses to wear doesn’t define who she is, what she wants, or what she’s capable of — however it can impact the way she feels. Inner confidence can be boosted with the right outfit. It can act as a suit of armor and make you feel like a million dollars. When you walk into a room with that outfit you know slays, you carry yourself accordingly. The purpose of putting on a killer outfit is to help you feel your personal best — but what does dressing like a successful women look like in 2019? Below is a list of 5 fall fashion trends for successful women that can rock into work.

1. The Power Suit

Serving up some empowering women in the workforce vibes, the power suit is back and is a trend you will not want to miss. This will be a major fall 2019 must have in the closet of successful business women. You will no longer reach for your pencil skirts or business dresses in the morning. The power suit has all the charisma of a dress, but gives a more striking appearance. There are endless ways to pull off this look. You could go for a casual look with a plain white tee and sneakers. The perfect neutral look would be wearing a grey checked suit. If you want to try bold, opt for big colors and patterns that make a statement. All of these options will leave you feeling confident and fashionable.

2. Just Add Leather


Love it or hate it, leather is the new denim for fall 2019 fashion trends. This look has been spotted across the board on the runway. Leather is a material that can dress up any outfit. It is more than just an edgy touch. With just the right accessories, it can be styled to look polished and chic. There are so many options, from leather skirts, purses or a leather statement belt. You will want to add something leather to your closet this fall.

3. Print’s Charming

Wearing a pop of prints can change your outfit game. It adds an element of interest and freshness to your look. If you tend to like a more reserved style and do not want to draw attention, do not worry, we got you covered. You can always add a small hint of pattern to any classic outfit. This can be through earring, scarves, or shoes. You can even tie a silk printed scarf around you purse. So many possibilities with one simple pattern. It is also fun to mix and layer printed pieces with solids. If you feel bold, try adding more than one print to your outfit, or choose a print that has a bold background. Many successful women are seen working this look into work.

4. The Bigger the Bag the Better

“after the tiny bags we see a return of the oversized bags”

No business women is going to want to skip out on this fashion trend for fall 2019. Several brands like Jacquemus, Proenza Schouler, and Loewe have already started bringing the oversized bag back. They have reintroduced this with oversized clutches, totes, and satchels. Unlike the tiny bag, the oversized bag gives business women a trendy option to store their computer and other work necessities in. It even gives you room for an extra pair of shoes. Since this bag is such a statement, the other pieces of your outfit can be kept simple. The quilted look is said is going to be one of the most popular bags seen in fall 2019 fashion. Wear an oversized bag to work next week and you will be bombarded with compliments.

5. Go Asymmetrical

Going out to nice dinner after a long day of work? Stop reaching for your cold shoulder or off the shoulder pieces, grab a dress or skirt with an asymmetrical cut, because this trend is coming in hot as one of our 5 fall fashion trends. This feature will leave you feeling elegant, fresh, and sophisticated. It flatters all types of women. The best part about this trend is that it is comfortable. After working long hours, the last thing you want to do it wear an awkward and uncomfortable dress continues to fall down. These harmoniously unbalanced hems create a modern and striking silhouette that signifies a look of confidence. And that is what you want walking into a room.

DressED for Success

Now you are dressed for success. Remember, you can incorporate these trends with the statement pieces you already own. You don’t have to settle for the typical business women attire. Take bold risks and try new trends. This fall pick out a few pieces that you might not typically reach for. Try adding these 5 fall fashion trends to your closet, and you will walk into work feeling stylish and ready to conquer the world.