Vancouver’s Most Sought After

Karin Bohn is an award winning interior designer and entrepreneur. She has led in this workforce for 10 years now, and has quickly become an aspiring figure in the design world. She runs a blog as well as a youtube channel, where she takes her viewers into a day in the life of an interior designer. Through all her social engagements, Karin provides a raw and real content. She loves sharing her own story with the world and giving advice to those who want to start their own business.

A Day in the Life of an Interior Designer

In her video, Building a Business is like Coaching a Sports Team, Karin Bohn and her team talk about their strength and weaknesses. She believes discussing this topic with her team will help create a better work environment. She voices her strengths and weaknesses, and states the ways in which her team can help keep her accountable. One of Karin’s weaknesses is time. She not only reveals her weakness, but she tries to find a solution. She states that “if her team could be more clear about the time they needed for her, then it would help her accommodate.” One of the challenges with interior design is that you always are creating new ideas and problems solving. To make this more challenging, it is deadline driven. This sometimes brings about forceful creativity. Karin states how it is important to make new targets for each quarter. She shared this with her team so they could work together to meet these goals. This brings optimism and enthusiasm to the team. “This is when it is game time and everyone is on the field ready to play and win the game.” Karin also brings us into her studio and shows and gives feedback on some of the projects and renderings they are currently working on.

Her website has more information on how she started in the design business and what she is doing currently.