When Covid-19 hit in March 2020 it brought a lot of anxiety and stress to our lives. Even now, a year later, living in a pandemic means that it is easy to sink into the worries of the world. Finding time to slow down, take a breath, and rest is so crucial in high-stress seasons such as these. Here are some Covid-friendly things you can do to relax and let your mind and body rejuvenate.


gardening planting garden slow down

Tending to a garden is a natural (pun intended) stress reliever. Caring for a small patch of the earth allows your mind to focus on something simple and nurturing. Spending time outdoors increases endorphins and helps you step away from the typical stressors of life. In addition, sunlight provides Vitamin D and fresh air is good for your health. So step outside, take a deep breath, and kick off your new gardening hobby!

Cook a Meal for Those You Love

cooking friends slow down

Take the extra time at home to invest in the relationships that matter most and enjoy a home cooked meal together. Cooking stimulates the brain and gives you something creative to do. Gathering ingredients, putting them together, and enjoying your finished product is a great way to relieve stress. Once the hard work is done, sit around the table with your closest family and/or friends and enjoy some nutritional food. Slow down, and fill your soul up with good conversation and good food.

The next time you have a chance to treat your loved ones to a meal, try out this easy crock pot recipe. Throw it in, leave it for a few hours, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Facetime an Old Friend

Facetime friends talking slow down

Do you ever feel like you don’t have time to catch up with some old friends? Well, now is the perfect time! Since most people, near or far, are using Facetime and Zoom to talk and meet with others, catching up with old friends has never been so easy. Interacting with people you love is a great way to slow down. Put aside work for a few hours and remind yourself of the things that matter most in life with some intentional, one-on-one time with a friend.

We hope these suggestions help you find time to slow down and recharge your battery in the midst of a chaotic world!