Business Woman Picking Out Shoes

Martina Boone once said “It doesn’t matter how great your shoes are if you don’t accomplish anything in them”.

Dressing in the office is as important as your job title itself. The way you carry yourself and display yourself has a lot to say about you as an individual, your work ethic, your company, and your overall image you want to portray to those who you come in contact with. As a professional, it is important that you carry yourself with class, confidence, ambition, and style. I’ll be the first to admit that I would pick the cute and trendy over the practical pair of shoes any day. However, no woman likes the blisters, swollen toes/feet, aching arches, or the empty bank account. If you’re anything like me you look for the comfort, durability, and affordable price tag in any pair of shoes. Below I’ve listed my top 7 shoes you can wear in the office or out on the town, at an affordable price.

These trendy almond toe flats come in 6 colors and are identical to the $198 Free People Royale Flats, except they are $38 from Walmart! That’s right.. you heard it here first .. Walmart. The same place you get your groceries. Now you’re thinking to yourself, this blog just got better! You are correct, because the next 5 pairs you can also find at Walmart.

Snakeskin is all the talk in 2020. What better way to walk in the office than in a trendy pair of snakeskin heels? The best part of these heels is how much wear you can get out of them. These heels would be perfect paired with ripped jeans, a graphic tee, and a panama hat for a stroll downtown or even for a night out! The perfect way to make any outfit on trend is adding animal print. Because animal print is so trendy, it is the best way to spice up your business casual look.

“It’s cheetahlicious” (only the true Cheetah Girl fangirls will understand). Cheetah print is another chic trend in 2020 that is daring, intimidating, and worth all the hype. Animal print is one of the best ways to dress up your chic black blazer and dress pants, a tailored dress, or even dressing up denim shorts and a t-shirt.

A nude pair of heels is essential in your wardrobe as a business professional. Nude heels go with any outfit and are important to have for any business occasion.

These black platforms appear to be a basic sneaker, but with the right printed dress pants or printed blazer these are perfect for the office. If you are anything like me, comfort is key. Nothing screams comfort like these $11.50 memory foam platforms.

These mules are worth so much more than $22.98! The amount of outfits you can make with a simple pair of shoes like these are endless. These shoes can be used to dress up your tailored black dress, paired with a pantsuit and printed blazer, worn with your favorite skinny jeans and a blazer, or even with a simple colored t-shirt dress! The options with these mules are limitless, and the snakeskin print allows the outfit to be on trend and stylish. Wearing mules to work allows for your feet to catch a break from wearing heels, therefore being just as dressy. My favorite way to wear these (of course I have them) is with my silk slip dress on top of a graphic tee, layered with a denim jacket.

Christian Louboutins are a gir’ls D R E A M. I couldn’t name a female who doesn’t want a pair of Louboutins, but the issue is the price tag. A black heel is another important statement to keep in your closet. Whether you are presenting a project, pitching a sales plan, or just heading into a day at the office, black heels are the perfect option. Black heels are a statement piece you can wear with anything, so investing in a good pair (or four) of black heels can be essential.

Although designer items are nice to invest in, it is important to see the value in affordable shoes as well.

Comfort, durability, and style can all be found on a budget. Always check your shoe department at Walmart for even more trend setting affordable shoes to wear in and out of the office. And always remember “It doesn’t matter how great your shoes are if you don’t accomplish anything in them”.