Summer weather can be harsh on your hairstyle, especially if you’re using a store-bought gel. It’ll run in your eyes as you sweat and usually turns into a sticky mess.

If you have curly/wavy hair, trying to keep it straightened out enough to slick back is a nightmare. You may even give up and throw a hat on half way through the day. A slicked back style or one that’s combed over may not be ideal for summer, but this cut is.

Introducing: The Crop.

Lately, forward combed hairstyles like the crop have risen in popularity. One of the main reasons is that it’s super low maintenance. You can take the time to style it if you want, but you really don’t have to. It’s up to you.

Europe caught on to this a long time ago and it’s slowly been making its way into the states. There are many ways you can wear it, but it’s main feature is the blunt, short fringe in the front. The crop tends to look best with a bald fade on the sides. This helps square up the head and adds tons of contrast. This also contributes to it being so low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about the sides when they’re gone.

Another thing that characterizes the crop is the heavy weight in the corners of the haircut. This gives the overall shape of your head a stronger outline and compliments your bone structure.

It looks great with a bit of texture on top and that’s where the variation comes in. It can be worn messy or clean. Combed smooth or roughed up and spikey. My personal favorites are the crops that are worn rough and jagged on top with a harsh, blunt line on the front.

This is a great haircut for curly hair because curly hair can be nearly impossible to style for some people but with the crop, you don’t have to do much to it for it to look fresh.


At your next appointment, ask your barber if a crop is right for your hair texture, head shape and hairline. They’ll ask you how you want the fringe to sit and if you want a lot of length and texture or if you want to go closer to a buzz cut. Then, they’ll ask you how tight you want the fade on the sides.

I recommend bringing a photo or two with you because your barber will be able to see things in the photo that most people wouldn’t know how to put into words. They’ll be able to tell you how the haircut in the photo would translate to your head and if you can pull it off.

Some people feel like they shouldn’t bring a photo into the barbershop but I think it’s one of the best things you can do to get on the same page.


You want low maintenance, texture, and work-ability so I recommend using the matte clay pomade.

First, scoop a small amount and emulsify it in your hands. then, spread it through your hair when it is slightly damp. Mess up the top with your hands until you start to see the amount of texture you’re looking for.

You can let it air dry, but for best results use a blow dryer while texturizing the top. Hold the blow dryer behind your head aiming forward to make sure it all lays forward. Blow dry the fringe down so that it falls evenly and you’re set.

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