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Here is our top 5 Greatest Certifications to transform your career.  This is a range of certifications can help you out in just about any industry. I encourage you to pick the one that best aligns with your career path. When I got the certification it changed my life. I hope it does for you to!

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Six sigma is a set of tools to help your company to improve business processes, eliminate defects, and guarantee quality.  As a result this certification will be a great tool to have in your back pocket.  You will be able to sell yourself as a change agent within any organization.  As a result you will bring a sense of forward thinking ideas and ideologies.   This will help you stand above your fellow employees and facilitate continuous improvement in your area of expertise.  This certification can be applied to just about any industry. 

Tableau Certifications

The world is moving away from a bunch of numbers on excel to a world of data visualization.  Tableau allows you to convert those boring looking spreadsheets into a visual masterpiece.  By using visual masterpieces allow you to convey meaningful data into an easy to understand visual example. As a result getting a certification Tableau will allow you to show off you are a data driven individual and loves to show it off visually.  This is a easy certification with a whole lot of different levels depending on how much time you would like to put in the program.

Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce is one of the hottest CRM platforms right now.  CRM stands for Customer relationship management.  What’s great about getting a certification with salesforce is there are no tiers. All the certifications are broken up into specific topics.  Meaning you can pick out the certification best for you. You can chose roles in Administrators, Specialists (implementation experts), Marketers, Consultants.  There is a certification for just about any role you are looking for within a company that uses a CRM.  Resulting in you having the ability to choose. You can pick the one you are most passionate about. As a result you are getting a leg up in workforce.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

This is a great alternative to the PMP which requires you to have over 7,500 hours of experience leading projects.  On the other hand you have the opportunity to get the CAPM which only allows you to sit for the certification just by taking a few classes in project management.  This certification enhances your credibility and effectiveness while working with teams on projects on your jobs.  You will get a leg up versus all your competition and will allow you to stand out from the pack.

Google Analytics

Not only will you stand out by having this on your resume you will also learn a lot of analytical knowledge while studying.  This certification will allow you to become the master of SEO (search engine optimization).  The world is moving more and more in to a digital age. Then you have google who is at the center of search engines.  You will become better at optimizing your business digital presence.  While picking up on google trends in your industry and capitalizing on it.  Resulting in you becoming a cut above the rest. Allowing you to stand out.

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