Tony Robbins and Dana White

Tony Robbins and Dana White have both defied the odds to reach success. So what is the key to their success, and how were they able to actually defy the odds? Tony Robbins currently has annual gross sales of $6 billion between all of his companies. Dana White was able to turn a $2 million dollar investment into $4billion dollars. Yet they both agree, success is not easy.

There is always a hidden story behind those who have reached success. The story of how they would jump from place to place because they did not have a home to live in, the times they went hungry because they did not have any food, and the multitude of failures they experienced trying to reach their dream.

Success is not easy, but it is achievable. Yes you need the right business knowledge to gain success, you need to develop the right partnerships, and you have to have a product that is in demand. Yet, more than anything, Tony Robbins and Dana White say you need THIS to be successful. Watch below: