All of us need a little motivation now and then. For an entrepreneur, motivation is what keeps us creating, building, and thinking. These Ted Talks by Women for Entrepreneurs are just the inspiration you need. If you’ve ever watched a Ted Talk, you’ve most likely come away with a newfound knowledge or motivation. This week, Sophisticated Professional is counting down the top five Ted Talks given by women for entrepreneurs. Why women? According to, 163 MILLION women worldwide started a business in the past year. Stay tuned for the top 5 Ted Talks by women for entrepreneurs!

1. “3 ways to measure your adaptability- and how to improve it” by Natalie Fratto

Our first must-watch video is by Natalie Frotto, a venture investor. In her video “Three ways to measure your adaptability- and how to improve it”, she shares what she looks for in a start-up founder asking for her support. The first trait that she looks for in an entrepreneur is adaptability. Using what Frotto calls the “adaptability quotient” or “AQ”, she gives insight on how ability to respond to change can be measured. If you’re reading this, you’re also most likely an entrepreneur yourself. Taking a step back and determining your adaptability with the steps given by Frotto may help you make important connections and earn money for your business.

2. “How to build your confidence- and spark it in others” by Brittany Packnett

What does it take to build your confidence and inspire confidence in others? In this Talk called “How to build your confidence-and spark it in others”, activist Brittany Packnett shares her steps to living a confident life to reach your goals. Without a doubt, confidence starts with a strong support system and knowing you have potential to fulfill. Brittany shares other tips that are sure to inspire you.

3. “5 ways to kill your dreams” by Bel Pesce

Subsequently, in her talk “5 ways to kill your dreams”, Bel Pesce gives her perspective as a entrepreneur from an impoverished family in Brazil to push revolutionaries to pursue their dreams. She speaks to the massive overlap between our dreams and the projects that never happen. Her first tip on how NOT to follow your dreams? Believe in overnight success. Furthermore, listen to other people’s opinions. Then, settle once you have achieved something and have been guaranteed growth. Pesce says another tip is to blame others”. And lastly, Pesce inists that if you do not want to reach your goals, believe that only the goals themselves matter. Take a look at her Ted Talk to take inspiration from her list of things not to do when following your dreams.

4. “This is the side hustle revolution” by Nicaila Matthews Okomo

Now, what exactly is a side hustle? In this Ted Talk for Entrepreneurs called “This is the side hustle revolution”, Nicaila Matthews Okomo sheds a positive light on the revolution of side hustles. They have been booming in popularity with those who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Moreover, even on the side of a traditional job, a hustle is for those who are multi-passionate. In addition, they want to grow their network and community and have an urge to create. After watching this Talk, you’ll want to drop everything and start your own!

5. “Living beyond limits” by Amy Purdy

Lastly, in this inspirational Ted Talk, Amy Purdy shares how she overcame a crippling handicap to become a world-renown snowboarder. Her motto is that innovation can come because of borders. For entrepreneurs, road blocks are at every turn. Nonetheless, he only path to success is to accept change and keep press on. Listen to Amy’s story about living beyond the limits for inspiration in the midst of discouragement.

So there you have it, the Top 5 Ted Talks by women for entrepreneurs! Do you have any videos you want to share? Comment your favorite below!