Using Creativity in the Work Place

Creativity in the Work Place

Have you ever had an idea at work that you wanted to share but kept silent? Sharing ideas and being creative is not just for the arts and crafts room anymore. Creativity is what encourages company growth and helps maintain a successful and inovative culture for everyone (intern to CEO). Here are five tips to building a creative work space for everyone from the marketing team to the finance departement:

  1. Be Open to New Ideas
    • In order to feel confident in your own ideas you must first be able to listen to others without judgement.
  2. Search for Better
    • Look for opportunities to improve the work space in both little and big ways.
  3. Utilize Creativity
    • Come up with fun ways to express appreciation for other employees -handwritten notes, drawings, etc.
  4. Strategize External Goals
    • Have regular meetings that allow teams to communicate their thoughts on the present products/services.
  5. Workshop Internal Opportunities
    • Build a friendly environment that the team enjoys coming to every day (jean day friday or latte maker in the break room).
“Your Ideas Matter”

These five steps to incorporating creativity in the work place will have lasting effects. Once they are in place, a company will no doubt experience improved openness, innovation, and communication. Which are key acheivements for any corporation big or small. Let’s encourage more creativity between us!

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