Have you ever seen someone rocking a pencil bun and think to yourself, how do they do that?! As it turns out, it’s just as simple as it sounds! Simply making a bun and sticking a pencil in it – anyone can do it. If you’re sitting at the office with those annoying hairs in your face, grab your nearest pencil and boom! Instant hair out of your face, and a trendy way at that! The best part? There are multiple different ways to make this look your own! Check out our quick tutorial video for the perfect pencil bun look!

To start, all you need is a pencil…obviously. Otherwise, you don’t need anything else to make this quick, fashionable bun!

The Basic Bun
Grab your hair just like you would if you were doing a low pony tail. Next, twist it into a bun on the back of your head. Stick your pencil through one side and weave it up and down until it comes out the other side! Grab a few wispy pieces of hair and full them down by your face, for that messy, casual look!

Anyone can achieve this pencil bun look! Get creative and try it yourself! Check out our “12 Fashion Questions You Didn’t Know You Needed The Answers To” for more tricks and trends!